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I’m off the grid at the moment – visiting my parents in Myrtle Beach, SC where they have a timeshare. I’ve scheduled entries to post every morning at 6 am (central US time) Monday through Friday, so you won’t have to go without your daily entertainment courtesy of moi. They’re all picture (mostly cat) entries, high on pictures, low on words. Just the way you like it!

I don’t expect to be able to check my email or Facebook or anything, but I’ll probably post to Twitter every now and again, so you can check there. Be good, and if you can’t be good, take notes and tell me all about it when I get back! 🙂

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Spanky (and Elwood!) Wednesday

2011-10-12 (19)
This is where Spanky spends his mornings, sitting on this box which is located right next to my chair. Every now and then he gives me this look.

2011-10-12 (1)
Late morning/ early afternoon, he moves to the living room. This is HIS spot on the couch.


2011-10-12 (2)

2011-10-12 (3)
He ventures outside when it warms up and moseys around.

2011-10-12 (4)

2011-10-12 (5)

2011-10-12 (6)

2011-10-12 (7)
He must have sensed Elwood coming up from behind.

2011-10-12 (8)
Elwood’s all “Whatcha lookin’ at?”

2011-10-12 (9)
Spanky’s appalled face is cracking me UP.

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Buster and Jake Wednesday

2011-10-12 (10)
“If I don’t look at him, he isn’t there.”

2011-10-12 (11)
“If I don’t look at him, he isn’t sniffing my paws.”

2011-10-12 (12)
“If I don’t look at him, he isn’t sniffing my ear trying to start a fight.”

2011-10-12 (13)
“Gee your breath smells terrific.”

2011-10-12 (14)
“Flattery will get you everywhere, mister.”

2011-10-12 (15)

2011-10-12 (16)

2011-10-12 (17)
“Of course you do. Everyone loves the Jakey.”

2011-10-12 (18)
“I’m late for an appointment. BYE.”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

2011-10-12 (25)
Everett Peppers and the pretty gold eyes.

2011-10-12 (24)
Sally checks out the scratcher. See that scratcher? Brand spanking new. Elwood sat on it and crushed it ten seconds after I took it out of the wrapping.

2011-10-12 (23)
“WHAT HAFF WE HERE?” Detective Harlan Peppers, on the case.

2011-10-12 (22)
Lucy, getting ready to jump.

2011-10-12 (21)
Molly Peppers might be gorgeous, but she’s mean as a snake when it comes to little Charlie Peppers. She just doesn’t like the cut of his jib. Or something.


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10-12-11 — 7 Comments

  1. LOL…as soon as I saw the scratcher picture, I thought, “That doesn’t look right…it’s all messed up!”. Well, that explains it!

    Hope you are having fun! Thanks for the posts…else it would have been a very sad week!

  2. Hmm… I was thinking about buying a scratcher like that for my cats, but maybe I won’t, as Holly is rather a large cat like Elwood!

  3. Oh dear Elwood…perhaps the sagging scratcher is a sign we need to start watching our figure?? 🙂 Sally looks like she is saying “Please, my petite self did NOT do that!”

    Sorry you are having such soggy weather at the Grand Strand! We need the rain, but it still sucks when you’re on vacation.

  4. THANK YOU!! Just, THANK YOU!! :-)Hope yer having a great visit!

  5. I’m with Rhonda — poor wee Charlie! On the other hand, the Jake and Buster Show was hilarious, and The Spanky Story rocked. Thanks for one of your best-ever entries.

  6. Maybe it’s my imagination, but it looks like Spanky’s tongue is sticking out in a couple of those photos — I LOVE it when cats’ tongues randomly stick out. Super-cute.