10-12-10 – Blog vacation

I’m in Myrtle Beach (it’s GAWJUSS here!), but the internet access is spotty for me for some reason.

Thus, I am taking the rest of the week off from posting. I’ll likely post when I get home, because I have a couple of entries (cat pics & movies) that I pre-wrote. Things will be back to normal, posting-wise, Monday.

Try to live without me, y’all. 🙂


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10-12-10 – Blog vacation — 4 Comments

  1. But we can’t! what if S&H suddenly grow a foot while you’re gone and we miss it? What if one of the house cats rolls over and there’s no photo of it? What if George and Gracie scare away a, a…helicopter and there’s no photographic evidence? Who’ll believe them? Fine, have a life then…(Hope you enjoy it heaps!) 😉

  2. I am having withdrawels! This is my favorite site. Yes, even over IBKC etc!!!! Robyn…….COME BACK!!!!!

    However, since you are there….have a great time! We miss you loads!!!