I’m off the grid at the moment – visiting my parents in Myrtle Beach, SC where they have a timeshare. I’ve scheduled entries to post every morning at 6 am (central US time) Monday through Friday, so you won’t have to go without your daily entertainment courtesy of moi. They’re all picture (mostly cat) entries, high on pictures, low on words. Just the way you like it!

I don’t expect to be able to check my email or Facebook or anything, but I’ll probably post to Twitter every now and again, so you can check there. Be good, and if you can’t be good, take notes and tell me all about it when I get back! 🙂

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BUGS! Tuesday

(Note: There are kitten pics, if you’d rather skip the bug pics. They’re not THAT scary, wimps. Also, Elayne, no frogs. I promise.)

2011-10-11 (1)
Praying mantis. We almost never see these around here, I’d seen maybe three or four in the five years we’ve lived here. I think they’re really neat, but they kind of scare me.

2011-10-11 (12)
Young assassin bug.

2011-10-11 (11)
Hanging out on the rain gauge (which is dry).

2011-10-11 (10)
I think assassin bugs are really kind of neat-looking when they’re little.

2011-10-11 (9)

2011-10-11 (8)
Also, they eat flies, which is A-OK with me.

2011-10-11 (7)
They can hang out in the rain gauge forever, as far as I’m concerned.


2011-10-11 (6)
When they get big and ugly

2011-10-11 (4)
and hang out on the okra and eyeball me like they’d like to chew my face off

2011-10-11 (3)
then I’d kind of prefer them to move along, thanks.

2011-10-11 (5)
MOTH SEX. Didn’t know you’d be seeing insect porn today, did you? (I assume they were mating. They were attached at the back end, in any case.)

2011-10-11 (2)
Web. I don’t know where the spider was. Maybe she gave up and left because the assassin bugs were getting all the flies.

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2011-10-11 (14)
They really do love that cat tree an awful lot.

2011-10-11 (15)
Especially the hammock part.

2011-10-11 (16)
Leapin’ Molly.

2011-10-11 (17)

2011-10-11 (18)
Charlie Peppers in the sun.

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2011-10-11 (20)
Alice is exhausted from her perusal of the Gardener’s catalog.

2011-10-11 (19)
She’s a Ham-mick loving monkey.

Alice has a theme song. It goes:

Alice Mo
the calico
sure does love
her daddy!

If I could sing at all, I’d totally record that for you. I need to look into getting me one of those Auto-Tune programs!


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10-11-11 — 7 Comments

  1. Add the word “so” to the end of Alice’s song. 🙂

    I usually sing “You are my sunshine”…to my cats. They don’t know that I sing it to all three of them so I think they still feel pretty special. LOL

    Assassin bugs….why did they get that name. The adults don’t even resemble their young. Hmmmm…must investigate.

    LOVE Praying Mantis!!! I see them a lot in Florida and when we were in NC, they were all over the raspberry bushes.

  2. Love Love LOVE that shot of Molly jumping! Love the bug photos, too. As for my two, they share the “You Drive Me Crazy” song!

  3. I sing “My Buddy”(you know, that old Chuckie-like doll commercial) to our only boy-cat, Loki. I also sing “Sugar, Sugar” to my cat Sugar.

  4. I have composed several songs to my kittehs including the “Good Morning” song and “Coltrane, Coltrane, He’s a Helluva Cat”. Any major labels out there want to sign me up? Hee!

  5. If I were Alice, I’d growl at you for taking such an unbecoming photo of her (#1). The way she has her body twisted makes her look a little heavy – definitely not her “good side”.