The little black Momma kitty we first saw a month or so ago was back, this time with a friend. Possibly he was the father of her babies – he was definitely a “he”, anyway!

He got a little too close, and Momma Kitty let him know she needed her space.

* * *

Yesterday, Miss Maddy Mack weighed in at 1 pound, 4 ounces. She’s starting to eat hard kitten food when it’s mixed up with the soft stuff – and sometimes on its own – and when we were at the Smallville house over the weekend, I looked over to see her drinking water out of the water bowl!

Clearly she’s a genius.

She’s getting feistier by the day and can pretty much hold her own with the older cats, so I’ve been letting her stay out for longer periods of time. She likes to spend the evenings sleeping on me. She’s such a pretty princess.

Also, she can kick Spiderman’s butt! What more can you hope for from a kitten?

I adore – ADORE – this picture. She was squeaking at me because I kept holding the mouse just out of reach.

“What the…?”

“Keeping an eye on you, lady!”

“Come any closer and I will hurt you with my sharp, sharp teeth and my sharp, sharp claws!”

She’s a fierce little monkeybeast.

Sugarbutt loves you.


2005: When does this get easier, again?

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