The kittens are going to the pet store this afternoon. I am going to miss them SO MUCH. They’ve been so sweet and cuddly lately (well, ever since we got them, really) and I’ve really enjoyed always having a kitten climbing up into my lap.

Mostly I’m going to miss Sugarbutt, noxious gas and all.

Y’all, hope and pray they get adopted this weekend. I don’t know if I’d be able to stand it, going in there Monday and seeing them still there.

When does this get easier, again?

It’ll probably take me through the end of the week to get all the pictures I’ve taken of them up, so y’all will still be able to see them for the next few days.

Sugarbutt in the sun.

Sugarbutt in motion.

Smitty in the sun.

Climbin’ kitten.

Smitty snoozes in the box of giveaway stuff.

Callie, up close.

Callie, in the box top.

“Mooooom! My toy mouse went under the fridge, and I can’t REACH IT, and Smitty keeps TOUCHING ME with his TAIL!”

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