The kittens are going to the pet store tomorrow afternoon. The shelter manager emailed me over the weekend to let me know that I could take them in today or tomorrow. Since they don’t do adoptions on Monday evenings, of course I opted to let them stay with us until tomorrow afternoon.

Man. I’m going to miss the little brats. What I’m not going to miss is the rotten-egg gas Sugarbutt’s been suffering from lately. We were watching The Amityville Horror yesterday (Ryan Reynolds sounds JUST LIKE John Ritter) and I grabbed up Sugarbutt. He fell asleep on his back and the noxious fumes coming from him were just horrifying.

Good thing for him he’s so cute.

Speaking of Sugarbutt, I fully believe that if he were a dog, he’d be a bulldog. He’s bowlegged and barrel-chested and watching him run from one side of the room to the other just cracks me UP.

Oh, how I’m going to miss his stinky little butt!

Barrett waited until Miz Poo fell asleep, and then snuck right in there.

With Smitty (left) and Sugarbutt (right) side-by-side like this, you can really see the difference in their faces. Like Callie, Smitty always looks like he’s smiling.

Smilin’ Callie.

This would be a better picture if my big dorky slipper wasn’t right there in the background.

Gigglin’ Callie.

Gigglin’ Smitty.

Last night, Callie started out on my leg. Miz Poo was sleeping next to my leg. As Callie slept, she slid down my leg and ended up spooning with Miz Poo. Miz Poo was displeased, but you’ll note she didn’t jump down and run away.

What my lap looked like last night. I don’t think I could have fit another cat in there anywhere.

I think I see tonsils.

Smitty and Sugarbutt tussling. The look on Sugarbutt’s face cracks me up.
Also, Fred took this one Saturday afternoon:

Awesome picture, no?

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