The kittens are home and doing fine. Bear was the only troublesome one, because apparently one of his testicles was undescended and they had to dig around for it. ::wince::

Right now, they’re running around like their butts are on fire, as if nothing ever happened. I don’t know if it was the drugs, or what, but Sugarbutt was twice as feisty last night as I’ve ever seen him.

On to the pictures, eh?

When you rub his belly, Sugarbutt basically puts his paws up in the air and kneads. It’s severely cute.


Mister Boogers looking out the window.

Da Boog unaware that trouble approaches.

Putting the smack down.

Callie. She breaks my heart, this little one. She’s so standoffish, but as soon as you pick her up she purrs and purrs. But then she wants to be put down, and off she goes again, being standoffish.


Warm little pile o’ kitties.

A particularly good shot of Sugarbutt. And kitten toes!

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