10-11-14 – Weekly Roundup — 19 Comments

  1. I wish I lived close enough to adopt, because I need Trader Joe so bad! And we already have 2 cats and a dog in the house so it’s probably for the best, anyway. Give him a kiss on the head for me!

  2. Have a FABULOUS time!!! I love the pics you bring back from these trips, so please satisfy your interwebs fans and take many of them. 😉

  3. Yay Marshall and Monday!!! Did you tell Dennis that his little charge found a home and a brudder?

  4. Have fun at the beach! You’re leaving on a great note with the news that Marshall and Monday have been adopted together. Dennis knew what he was doing when he led Monday to you! Upon your return, may there be news of Angelo being adopted!!!

  5. Have a great time at your parents’ timeshare. It’s so sweet of you to have made posts for us while you’re away so we won’t go into withdrawal as we’re all addicted to our daily doses of L&H.

  6. Have a wonderful vacation/beach time!! sounds so good right now.
    And thanks for keeping us from kitten withdrawal, too.
    Isn’t “recycled food” the best thing ever to clean up? I know to them it’s just ‘food’…but yuck! Even grown cats will do that, and it gives me the gross-out when I discover it. Winn-Dixie has a point there…

  7. I know that Monday never “officially” was your foster, but I think her picture belongs in your sidebar under 2014 with ADOPTED on it, because you were her hero. You and Fred took her in, got her fixed, and got her set up at Petsmart (through Challengers House) so that she could find her forever home (WITH Marshall!!!!) and get her off the streets. Without you guys, who knows where she’d be now, so I think you should get the credit, and another check mark for the year for giving a stray/unwanted cat a happy ending!

  8. Kittens ‘n Beach, Kittens ‘n Beach, I’m gonna get me some Kittens ‘n Beach!

    (sorry, had to!)

  9. Spectacular !!!!! Double yippee for Marshall and Monday !!!!

    Hope you have some awesome r&r at Myrtle Beach !!!

    Thanks for being a good “pusher” and having kitty posts while you are away !!! Lol !!!

  10. Yay Marshall and Monday! Enjoy your trip to the beach, Robyn, you deserve it!

    And so thoughtful of you to provide extra kitten goodness while we’re away!

  11. Can’t wait for Angelo’s story once Robyn returns from her much-needed time away! Yay for Angelo!!

  12. Have fun at the beach and Also thanks for thinking of our addiction to kitties and not letting us go cold turkey.
    Have a great time!