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I’d like to put out a PSA if I may? Years ago my torbie Gidget ate some curling ribbon …the kind you wrap presents with. She almost died. As the season for decorations and gift wrapping is approaching, fellow cat lovers watch the ribbon, yarn, etc. Pass it on!

Of course! Once upon a time, many years ago, when Spanky was a kitten, he ate a piece of Easter grass. He was fine – passed it okay – but that was the last time we ever had Easter grass in the house.


Is that a catnip cigar that Ralph is carrying? I can’t help but picture a big burly old timey comedian chomping on a cigar…kind of like this.

I had actually been calling it his cigar, but upon closer examination, I think it’s supposed to be a loaf of bread – maybe a baguette? I’ll see if I can remember to get a better picture of it.


We’d bet that you could give this kittehloaf page some serious competition!

Ha, I bet I could! I love a good kitteh loaf.


So how cute is Garfi, “the angriest cat in the world”?

He is one AWESOME kitty, isn’t he? And you KNOW he’s a total sweetheart!


Robyn, do you have a problem with the cats or kittens playing in that water fountain? My cat loved to stop the waterfall with his paw. He’d just sit there and watch it overflow from the top level onto the floor, until it was empty. I ended up getting a different style that he cannot play in (although he tries).

I have less of a problem with the kittens playing in it, and more of a problem with them running through it when they’re racing around like wild things. I haven’t seen them playing in the water at all, though they were a little leery of the fountain when they first saw it. I actually have a Catit water fountain – this one – for the permanent residents.


Trader Joe in the dancing pics … I just realized his fuzzy round tummy and fuzzy legs reminds me of The Abominable Snowman from “Rudolph”!!

Haha, he’s the Abominable JoeMan!


Robyn, when you next do a Crooked Acres post, can you tell us the story behind the name? I’m sure it is somewhere on your website, but well, I guess I just have to admit that I’m too lazy to look… Thanks!

I’m answering this now because I’m not sure when I’ll be doing another Crooked Acres post, and I fear that I’ll forget before then!

I don’t remember how the discussion started, but at some point after we’d moved in, I said something about the fact that our house (which is 85 years old) doesn’t seem to have a single straight line to it – I pointed out the crooked floors, the crooked walls, the crooked ceilings, then said “Even our land isn’t straight, it’s crooked. We should call this place Crooked Acres!” And that’s what we’ve called it ever since.

In defense of our poor house, it’s not cartoonishly crooked and not super obvious the instant you walk through the door or anything, but when you live in a house, you tend to notice those things. And as far as the land goes, this house was originally on 5 acres. The people who owned the house before us carved half an acre out of that 5 acres, and put a house on the land for her parents to live in (that’s where our closest neighbors live now). When they sold that house, we talked about buying it to make the 5 acres complete again, but it was way too expensive (because there’s actually a house on that land).


Well, entry from 2008, I think we all know how *that* worked out 🙂

That post from 2008 was me talking about how Kara was going to Petsmart in a few days. Here’s the post (October 9th) where she actually went to Petsmart. Then on October 17th, I was disappointed to see that she was still at Petsmart. Annnnnd on the 22nd, I announced that she’d been adopted and that we now had (sigh) TEN whole cats. There was a longer and more detailed post about it here, wherein we talked about the many possible names we could change her name to. I’ll note that six years later, we still call her “Mama” and “Kara.”

I had no recollection that Kara spent so long at Petsmart – I would have guessed that she was there three or four days before we brought her home.

Speaking of previous years’ posts, it’s worth noting that back in 2005, I was lamenting how much I was going to miss Sugarbutt’s “stinky little butt.” HA. (And the picture at the very bottom of that post continues to be one of my favorites.)


I think that Winn Dixie looks JUST like my Tubbysnuggles, who just turned 19. Nineteen!! She has the white eyeliner, the little cinnamon nose, the floof, everything!! TS is actually very small; she’s all floof.

here is Tubbysnuggles —


She is SUCH a gorgeous girl – and that is absolutely what Winn Dixie is going to look like, I can totally see it!


Stinkerbelle almost looks relaxed and pet-able in that last picture. ALMOST. We all know the dangers. It’s just odd to see her lounging instead of ‘loafing’. Does she often stretch out? It seems an awfully vulnerable position for someone of her *ahem* disposition.

She will occasionally stretch out, but only when no humans or other cats are in the room, and only if Tommy’s right there. I’ve never seen him be particularly protective of her, but she definitely feels safe with him.


Robyn, do you have an Undercover Mouse? Queenie and I thoroughly, thoroughly recommend it. The best part from my point of view is that you can walk away and leave it to entertain the cat while you do other things. The best part from Queenie’s point of view is that when you sit on it so it can’t whiz round, it makes little angry struggling noises like it’s being tortured.

You know, I used to have one, but Tommy sat on it and broke it, and I threw it away (in retrospect, I think that I could have replaced the “arm” that goes around). I do need to get another one, because I just know that Ralph will boing all over the place when I put it down and turn it on!


So when do the Grocers get to meet Uncle Tommy and Uncle Jake?!!

Oh, I think it’ll be a couple of weeks yet – they’re still confined to the foster room (get their first vaccination shots today), and I’m planning on letting them have the upstairs starting late next week. Once they’re acclimated to that, then we’ll see about letting them downstairs. I’ll be interested to know whether Dennis will want to play with them!


“Why you wave that feather teaser so high, lady? Why?” (Winn Dixie on the left, Von on the right, PW in the back.)

I think you missed your paw by a country mile, bub.

Sweet PW and his floof, in the sun.

“Am trying to nap, lady. You go ‘way.”

“NO, I don’t WANT to snuggle up for a nap, this sun puddle is MINE!”

The lights are on, but there’s no one home in PW’s head. He’s dopey from the sun.

“What you doin’, weird stalker lady?”

“Stay back, sis. I’ve got it!”

Four of the five (I believe Ralph was sitting in my lap being petted.)

Sweet Winn Dixie.

I think Trader Joe needs his own sitcom, and they could name is “Fantastically Floofy.”

Ralph demonstrates this emoticon: ;-/


Alice Mo is keeping an eye on YOU.

YouTube link.


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  1. “Trader Joe in the dancing pics … I just realized his fuzzy round tummy and fuzzy legs reminds me of The Abominable Snowman from “Rudolph”!!” AHEM! It’s a BUMBLE (not abominable). 😀

    I was wondering if you have any tips for getting adult cats to use a fountain watering dish. We just bought one for our 2 8 year old cats and they avoid it like the plague. We’ve tried showing them that it’s just water, and dipping their paws in, but I don’t know what else to try. We still have a normal dish out for them because we’re afraid they’ll dehydrate without access to unmoving water. Other than dipping their noses in (which sounds like abuse!) we don’t know what to do.

    • Mine LOVE the fountain. Won’t drink unmoving water. But … possibly leave the fountain turned off for a while? Take the pump out?

  2. oh my gosh you posted Tubbysnuggles!! thank you so so much!! I am so proud of her reaching such an advanced age, and am pleased she will get her 15 minutes of fame as she so clearly well deserves. thank you !! thank you!!

  3. I really enjoyed reading about Kara’s journey to be with you. I think I adore her even more now!

    When the question came up about the kittens getting to meet the perma-residents, I paused and thought…. is it just me or does it feel like you’ve already had this batch of babies forever and they should have already been given access to Gen Pop? lol

    I can’t wait to see this bunch interact with the rest… I have a feeling even more comedy will ensue…

  4. Umm… totally unrelated topic but… WHEN IS MY SWEET STRIPEY BABY MARSHALL GOING TO GET ADOPTED?!

  5. This batch of kittens are the most adorable little family I have ever seen! I really want Ralph and Winn Dixie. Surely, it has nothing to do with the fact that I have an angry long-haired calico, Ned. If she didn’t completely abhor other kitties, I would have to make a road trip.