10-10-09 – Bill and Hoyt (True Blood 6).

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It looks like Hoyt is laying here sleeping, but what he’s actually doing is kneading and alternately licking and sucking that blanket. Kittens who’ve been weaned a little too soon can tend to do that from time to time, and something about that blanket really sets Hoyt off. He doesn’t do it often, and he doesn’t do it for long, just for a few minutes. It certainly does make him happy.

Bill caught him doing it a few times, and seemed to disapprove.

“I disapprove of this behavior.”

But look what I found him doing a little while later!


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10-10-09 – Bill and Hoyt (True Blood 6). — 13 Comments

  1. Barney does the same thing with his blue pillow. He does it with the blankets too but it is very different from his pillow move. The pillow move is only a few minutes and it helps him sleep – it is a comfort thing. I am not sure what the blanket thing is but I think it started as a comfort thing – but there is just something different about it that I can’t quite put my finger on. Floyd does the same thing with the blanket – he is almost 14 and hasn’t outgrown it – with him it started as a comfort thing too. In older cats it is wool sucker syndrome – it is more common then people realize. Virgil did it too but grew out of it. The blanket is much more similar for Floyd and Barney – the pillow sounds more like what Hoyt and Bill were doing. And there is just something sad about the pillow thing for me because I know it is because being separated from their mom too early – Bill and Hoyt doing it makes me sad too. But it is better than the issues at Forever Foster – instead of a pillow or blanket mom substitute, little Ron was using is brother and sisters well, how do I put this delicately, “little bits”, so he had to be separated from them. So now I know it could be much worse (and now you know too). I have asked the vet about it and he said as long as they aren’t really “eating” the fabric (which can happen – wool eater syndrome – one of the vets cats at one time ate his tie while he was napping with it on). The wool isn’t the only fabric – I found that any furry blanket or sweater works – Floyd used to have a sweater he would carry around and suck on (like Linus in Peanuts carried his blanket). So I would suggest watching out if you wear a fluffy sweater. And also don’t be surprised if they keep it up – of the 3 cats we have that did it (all of whom were probably separated early), 1 kept it up, 1 stopped, and 1 is still little so we don’t know, plus he does the two slightly different ones. I hope (and guess) that like I said, Bill and Hoyt are like Barney with the pillow but don’t be surprised if if transfers to something else (you may want to get them two separate little blankets to use if they both try at the same time – we have had a few near arguments between the boys and the blanket they use is HUGE – Floyd tries to carry it away and it is a king sized one). Sorry I am so rambly – I am tired and ramble when I am, plus I wanted to let you know that it is not anything to really worry about.

  2. My cats are in love with a fuzzy blanket I keep in my bedroom, and my bathrobe. The young one, Colby, started it- he just kneads and purrs, no nursing. Recently I noticed the older cat, Buzz (who is 5 and, aside from nursing on his ‘big sister’ cat when we first got him as a 8 week old kitten, has never done anything like this) started doing it too. It’s funny how they pick up traits from each other- Buzz also ‘taught’ Colby that the proper way to eat dry food is to scoop two or three pieces out onto the floor, eat them, and repeat.

  3. I had a kitten who did a similar thing, but ONLY when I was holding her. She liked to put her head on my shoulder, and start up. Didn’t matter what kind of clothing I had on. Sheba never outgrew that, but the older she got, the less she did that. I figured it was comfort for her, and being a tiny stray I found, she obviously was separated from her momcat too soon.

  4. Oh, yes! The snuggly Margaret knit and sent to Space Paws is the favorite “surrogate nurse” around here. Our grown Miss Aggie is the biggest user!

    Too sweet! And I love the “I disapprove” shot!!

  5. I adopted a brother and sister from a litter of 5. We took them home at about 4 months, but I think they could have stayed longer. The girl-kitten was suckling at the boy-kitten’s nipples. Soon after the boy-kitten was suckling his own nipples. They did this for comfort, and we never separated them. As time went on they stopped this behaviour, and they were never that cuddly or close again.

  6. Isn’t it hilarious, how cats will copy each other?
    It’s like Bill watched, and then thought “oh what the heck, I will give it a try!”

    My cat Isis is the only cat that likes kneading, yet the other three have all tried it, half-heartedly, after watching her do it. I guess they didn’t get the same kick out of it that she obviously does, because they stopped pretty fast.

    I also noticed that whenever a cat finds a new way of getting trouble, everyone else has to try it WITHIN MINUTES. Rule of kittydom #41947.

    Bill’s eyes look awesome btw!