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You guys, this picture of Hook (formerly Puff) is just killing me dead.

Selena said: I had to get this for my Captain Hook. He was not as excited as me.

I told Selena that I hope she sleeps with one eye open, because that is one displeased little man right there. I LOVE it!


“Paws up y’all!”

“They’re up! They’re up! I didn’t miss out on paws up y’all, did I?”

“All four of mine are in the air!”

“Oh hush, y’all. I’m trying to figure out how to climb this thing.”

I kind of hate it when they walk around with litter in their mouths, but doesn’t it look like Tony has one big tooth sticking out the side of his mouth?

Climbin’ Meadow.

“Why your hand way over there, lady? Why it not PETTING ME?”


“I SAID, ‘Pet me’!”

Silvio, Melfi, and Tony like to roll around in my lap, fight with each other, and jab me with their sharp little claws.

Sleepy Tony.


Kintaro, eyeballing me from the other side of the baby gates. We had to move the baby gates to the top of the stairs, because Jake was too scared to go by the bottom of the stairs with Kintaro there (though blocked by the baby gates.) Poor loony Jake!


Miz Poo, contemplating her next move (if I recall correctly, she opted for curling up in the sun for a nap.)


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10-10-13 — 32 Comments

    • I was wondering that too. Can we see more pictures of the gate setup? This might solve my problem of keeping Trixie seperated from Tuxie and Sabrina while giving her the entire upstairs to roam.

    • No, he hasn’t tried climbing the bottom gate at all – though if he did, we could move the top gate down so that there’s no gap. The couple of times he escaped, it was by squeezing underneath when we left too much of a gap there.

      I’ll get pictures of the setup and post them tomorrow!

  1. Adorable pictures as always – they are now truly little cats! And then there is the fun of going back to the 2005 post for today and reading about you fretting about missing Sugarbutt when you take him in for adoption. Some awfully sweet pictures there, as well!

    • The last picture on that page continues to be one of my favorites – I actually had it printed and used it on notecards for a while. πŸ™‚

      • And that is Sugarbutt winking in that last picture, right? (I am still learning to discern the difference in markings between him and Smitty).

        If so, I suspect he was already plotting how to extend his stay and become forever a Crooked Acres denizen!

        • Yes, Sugarbutt’s the winker. I think Smitty had a rounder face.

          Sugarbutt was no dummy – he said “Let me go away for a few days and let her REALLY miss me!” πŸ™‚

  2. Tony and the ‘litter tooth’ make me giggle every time I scroll through your page – yes, this is the second time today and more will follow. Stressful days in a computer classroom send me straight to your website, then a couple others to change my perspective. Thank you for being such a great foster mom to these wonderful babies.

  3. Adriana daintily nomming on Carmela’s face is just amusing the heck out of me! Carmela seems to be fairly nonplussed by the whole event.

  4. Hook looks a little annoyed but not homicidal. Like he’s indulging his crazy grandmother by wearing the really bad Christmas sweater she knitted.

    I’m guessing that both selena’s boys secretly adore her and are willing to put up with a lot from their mama.

  5. Um…who’s Kintaro? Did I miss that?

    …Just wandered over to the Facebook page and it seems I am a skimmer! But I’m not, I swear! I just somehow managed to miss Tuesday’s post entirely.

    • Kintaro was introduced as “NOT A FOSTER” two days ago. πŸ™‚ He’s Fred’s sister’s cat who is currently staying with Robyn and Fred while his humans are in France. He’s not doing well with the other residents and has to be in solitary.

      • The funny thing is that ON TUESDAY, I had Tuesday’s post open in a window so I could read it. Then something interrupted me and by the time I got back, I looked at the first picture, thought “That’s the same picture I saw before, so I must have already read this one” and then closed the window.

        In my defense, Tuesday is one of my very long days at work! πŸ™‚

  6. Miz Poo’s next move sounds good! That would be my next move too, if I didn’t have to do things like work for a living.

  7. I would LOVE a nap too. Great choice, Miz Poo! Selena, that pic of Hook, yes you had to get the hat. His paw ‘almost’ looks like a hook to me and I agree, he’s more mildly irritated not homicidal. I bet the boys will put up with almost anything cause they love you!

  8. Love the pirate hat.. LOL@Selena.. I totally understand!

    Love the photo of the kitten missing his ears because the sunlight stole them too.

  9. I knew it I knew it I knew it.. OMG OMGOMG.. and to think I almost deleted that episode of Good Morning America!!! I SAW HOOK ON GMA!!!

    • Yes you did see him! GMA tweeted Saturday to send in your spooky pet pictures so I just had to send that one in! They notified me Saturday night that he was chosen to be on! He’s a superstar for sure and I think he knows it ;-).