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“Paws up, y’all!” (Is it just me, or does Adriana have a touch of the crazy eyes?)

Sleepy Silvio.

Princess Meadow does not like it when Paulie Walnuts, the peasant, messes with her paw.

“Wahhhh! I’m the KING! The King does as he pleases and you can’t stop him! Wahhhhhh!” (That’s his Joffrey impression.)

Princess Carmela needs a nap.

“This MY scratcher! I not care if you a stoopid PRINCESS and I’m just a PEASANT, this MY scratcher and you stay off!”

Carmela seems to find being bitten by Tony amusing rather than painful.

Melfi peeks out from under the scratcher to see if it’s safe.

:::maniacal laughter::

The kittens are starting to climb. Monday night Meadow climbed up to the top of the little cat tree and sat on the platform and watched her siblings play. Yesterday morning, Adriana climbed up there and went to sleep. Silvio and Paulie Walnuts have been climbing up the scratcher – and then Meadow climbed up the side of the crate and sat on top yesterday. I probably need to move that crate out of the room, and replace it with something they can’t climb up. It’s tall – for a kitten, anyway – and I’d hate for one of them to climb up it and then tumble to the floor.

The thing I would have expected to see by this point is them skittering sideways at each other, but I haven’t seen that at all. Maybe they’re slow skitterers. They can’t be geniuses at EVERYthing, I guess.


Stefan has no one favorite place to sleep. He sleeps everywhere.

More than once we’ve been unable to find him only to have him suddenly appear, yawning and stretching.

Stefan’s current nicknames: Fonzarelli and (of course) Fonz – which came from Fred initially nicknaming him “Stefonzarelli”. We decided at one point that we should rename him “Kramer” because he tends to enter the room like Kramer from Seinfeld, but that attempt didn’t really take. Maybe we should try Cosmo (Kramer’s first name)? I don’t know, it doesn’t really roll off the tongue.


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10-9-13 — 26 Comments

  1. Stefan is Stefan…don’t be changing his name!!! Nicknames are fine.

    (My Lola is Lola-pa-looza, Emma is Emma-pot-pie and Sidney is Sidrix, Siddles, or Cabritillo (little goat in Spanish…don’t look at me, look at my husband)

  2. Totally agree with keeping Stefan’s name as is! The nicknames take over anyway. My Phalanges has become Fweets. It just…happened.

  3. Boodie IS my cat’s name. It went to nubbin, then nubbin-a-bubbin, then nubbin-a-bubbin spethal spethal pants! And finally it was complete when it ended up being……Nubbin-a-bubbin spethal spethal pants I love you so much you don’t know I can’t exthplane !!! And when he went to the vet…THAT was the name I gave! You should have seen her face! But ya know what she said? She said “I don’t think I can fit that in on one line” My how polite we are down south 😀

  4. Hehe – kitty nicknames… My Liza (my dad named her, may he RIP) is Liza Beth, E-liza Do Little (when she’s nappin), Lizzy Borden (she shreds things) and Liza Minelli (when she’s especially Deva-ish)… my Shelley is Princess Shelley (she prefers to observe from high places, not a cuddler) or Princess Shelley of Scar O’Belly (homage to her ‘fixin’ as a kitten) or Shelley Belly (she’s a rather portly senior) and my Lacey is officially Lacey Grey (she’s a beautiful ‘blue’)or Lady Lacey or Lacey Baby. I’ve had other nicknames for her, but she only responds to the “hard ‘S'” sound in Lacey. She’s my 4-year old Kitten who plays fetch, turns the bathroom sink on (darn up/down lever, no ‘knobs’), and asserts her ‘independence’ until I hit that sweet spot on the side of her face/neck which produces her uncontrollable purr and ‘hypnotises’ her – – much to her dismay!!! I’ve yet to make up jingles (Alice Mo, Joe Bob) but I am very much inspired!!! PS – I LOVE Stefan, it’s truly like he’s ‘meant’ to be at Crooked Acres!

  5. Our, “He adopted us,” cat is named Zombie, but everyone calls him Princess. He is just so fluffy and beautiful.

  6. My cats (Mindy and Jesse) have so many names – Minnie, Mousie, Moosie, Moo Moo for Mindy, and Jess, Jessman James, Jestopher, and Booger (his original name) for Jesse.

  7. Mine are more along the lines of Pumpkin, Muffin, Munchkin and Buddy-Wuddy. Atticus, being 15, is Mr. Man. Unless they’ve pissed me off, then it’s “DUDE!” and uh, other less family-friendly names.

    Oh man, the picture of Silvio(or Tony?) in your hand really reminds you how small these little Sopranos are! What a yummy little morsel.

    • That’s Tony – and yes, they’re all really pretty small. The biggest is Paulie Walnuts, and even he is less than a pound and a half!

  8. What a joy at this stage of kitteh development! They’ve discovered they have a climbing gear, so watch out! LOL

    I wanted to say that Princess Meadow looks almost identical to one of my cats in the past: Kitten. She was the only surviving kitten in a litter of 7; hence her name, because I was afraid she wouldn’t live and kept just calling her “kitten.”
    It was cute when she was small, but she became one of the largest cats I’ve ever had, so it was funny when I’d tell everyone her name!

    • My grandparents had a little Pomeranian they named Kitten, because everybody thought she was a kitten when she was a puppy.

  9. Oh Stephan, you are a beauty, however I pronounce your name Stefon.
    Like on SNL, lol .

  10. Stefan is so sweet and contented looking, he threatens to overshadow all the royal-kitten cuteness! I’m so glad this beautiful, charismatic boy found you and Fred. I can’t wait for him to meet up with the Sopranos.

  11. I so envy you getting to snuggle those kittens, Robyn, though I’m afraid I’d be letting King Tony do whatever he wanted. They’re all a joy to see, though and Stefan’s no slouch either. He seems like such a mellow, sweet boy and I’m so glad he’s in such a wonderful home.

    One last mention of my Chloe girl who had the parasitic anemia, and a final thanks to you all. When I brought her home, they said it could take two months or more for her red blood cell count to get back to normal. To get there, she’s had her own quiet room as suggested, with lots of love and perhaps some spoiling here and there.

    We went for a follow-up blood test today and in less than two and a half weeks, she’s already regained normal levels. I think the doctor was as thrilled as I was. Good wishes do help, and I thank you all.

  12. sqeeeeeeee !! I am seriously loving the bitty teeth !!!

    Stefan is such a lucky kitty. He so deserves the “good life” at Crooked Acres !! So does every kitty that graces your house. Be it for a little while or forever !!

    Nicknames are so much fun. I figure use which ever one you want depending on the cat’s mood and your own mood.

  13. We LOVE seeing them at this stage. Paulie and Meadow together. How we enjoy seeing these two, though Silvo and Adriana… *swoons* What a delightful bunch!