Kara – 10-9-08

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I had to take Joe Bob to the vet yesterday, so I got out the carrier well in advance so the cats could freak out about the fact that it was out and then get over it. Therefore, when it was time to leave I could pick up Joe Bob and pop him in the carrier and he wouldn’t be on high alert.

Anyway, when I got the carrier out, I didn’t realize it, but Kara went on high alert, ran into the guest bedroom and went somewhere none of the cats realized was accessible to them.


She jumped onto the dresser, and from the top of the dresser, jumped to the top of the bookcase. And she stayed there until I got back from the vet, whereupon she seemed to realize that she was in no danger of being popped into a carrier, and she came down to be sociable.

Last night I got a second carrier out and put it in my room (where she likes to hang out), and she didn’t even give it a second glance. In a little while I’ll go upstairs, spend some time with her, and then hopefully get her into the carrier without too much of a fight from her.

If you could spare a second to send good thoughts her way so that she gets adopted very quickly, I’d appreciate it!



Loves loves LOVES to have her ears scratched.

The expression on her face is cracking me up. This is quintessential Kara – the super-intense eyes and the “DO NOT MESS WITH ME” expression, but if you start petting her, she falls right over onto her back and purrs at high volume.


She was pretty freaked out by the cat room and the other cats in there (there was a cage of three kittens who were total drama queens. This little torti, you’d reach out to pet her, and she’d act like you were torturing her. It was really pretty funny, actually.) and hid under a cabinet for most of the time while I was cleaning cages (it could also have been because there was someone else – a new volunteer – in there with me.).

When the cages were cleaned and her cage was set up, I picked her up and cuddled her for a while, then put her in the cage, and she gave me the look in that picture. I couldn’t help it, I had to take her out and reassure her and tell her what a good girl she is.

It’s always hard taking cats to PetSmart, especially when they’ve had the run of the house and have been with us as long as she was. You can’t explain to a cat that they’ll be okay, someone will be by twice a day to let them out and play with them, and eventually someone will see them and fall in love with them and bring them home and love them forever (in a perfect world, anyway). I guess even if you could explain it to them, they’d still be worried and nervous and scared. I haven’t had such a hard time leaving a cat there since the very first kittens, three and a half years ago.

I am keeping my fingers crossed like you wouldn’t believe, that she gets adopted before next Thursday. She’s such an awesome girl.



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Kara – 10-9-08 — 7 Comments

  1. Waaaaaaa! This is just tearing at my heart! Puuuuuuleeese get adopted SOON Kara! You must let us know immediately if she is!

  2. this makes me cry a little. same reason saps like me never go into Petsmart during the week as we come home with 12 week old hell cats!

  3. Why are her eyes like that in the last two pictures? She looks like a different cat & kinda scary. I guess that is what they do when they are upset???

  4. Nicole, when they get scared (or excited), their pupils get really big. Oftentimes if you see a cat that’s high on catnip, or just generally running around like their butts are on fire, their pupils are huge.