Punki, Dulcinea, Elle, Felicia, and Skittles went to the pet store on Friday. They were here for such a short time, but I had to tell Fred that it was a REALLY good thing that they went on Friday, because I was starting to fall in love with Felicia (who I was starting to call Oreo, in my head) and if we’d had her for the weekend, I might have pushed to keep her. She’s such a little character, and I’d go into the room, sit down, and she’d come over for a pet, then flop onto her back. Seriously cute, that one.

I went to the pet store yesterday for my regular Monday morning shift, and not only had NONE of the five girls been adopted, Jake, Eddie Dean, and Billy Bumbler were still there, and Roland had gone back to the shelter because he had a reaction to a shot (he’s fine, though). So far, only Susannah has been adopted. I let them all out – Jack Frost is still there, too – and they played and played and played and fought and played some more. It was like a circus in that cat room, I’m telling you.

Y’all, keep your fingers crossed that these kittens get adopted. Between the five girls and the four boys, I’m thinking I can’t possibly bring all of them (or really, ANY of them) home with me, and they need to get their butts adopted SOON.


So. New kittens! I spent the weekend Fall cleaning and getting stuff moved out of the kitten room closet because I’ve decided to use the closet to put the litter boxes in, so we can hang out in the kitten room itself without worry about sitting in litter.

Yesterday afternoon I went and picked up the new bunch of fosters, freshly tested and neutered/ spayed. They’re about three months old, and they were a little nervous at first, but warmed up very quickly. I named them after the people of my favorite podcast, Keith and the Girl.


Keith, doing standup while Chemda gauges audience reaction.




I would have named one Spooky, but we didn’t have enough boys, so I’ll save that for a future litter.


And… I am supposed to sleep where, exactly?

Brudderly love.

Doesn’t it just melt your heart?


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