So, the kittens that I just got Tuesday? Off they go, to the pet store later this morning! That was a fast turnaround, and too bad – I really like those girls. They’re sweet, playful, enjoy being petted, like to kick the butt of the occasional toy mouse, and so very soft and silky. I think they’re going to find homes FAST.

I don’t think it’s possible to take a bad picture of Elle.

Elle and Felicia.

Dulcinea and Skittles, hiding under the dresser.

Punki REALLY likes that mouse.


Proof that if you whine long enough and annoy everyone around you, you’ll eventually get what you want:

“I gots me a snuggle.”
“It’s NOT a snuggle, it’s just sharing the same bed.”

“I gots me a SNUGGLE!”
“It’s NOT a snuggle, I’m barely even touching you!”

“I gots me a snugglllllllllllllllle!”
“It’s NOT a snuggle… Oh, shut UP.”


2006: Warning: cat cannot hold her licker.
2005: “Who, me? No, I wasn’t going to climb into the fireplace. Nope, not me!”

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