Tomorrow the kittens go to be spayed and neutered. It’s going to be quiet around here, but at least it’ll give me a chance to go around the entire upstairs and spot-clean with the steam cleaner. They’ll probably be able to come home late tomorrow afternoon, and by then the carpet will be mostly dry.

Bear’s starting to do the thing Rambo used to do, jump up and sink his claws into my back, then climb to my shoulder and jump onto my desk so he can sniff around. I had a bunch of really cute pictures of he and Smitty sleeping on Miz Poo’s bed, but my camera’s being a pain, and somehow those pictures got deleted. GRRRRR.

The look on Bear’s face cracks me UP.

This one cracks me up, too. I don’t know why Sugarbutt’s licking the toy, but he’s certainly serious about it.

“Who, me? No, I wasn’t going to climb into the fireplace. Nope, not me!”

Crazy eyes!

This didn’t end well.

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