I hesitate to say this, for fear of jinxing the situation, but it appears that Sugarbutt has gotten the hang of using the litter box and then cleaning himself instead of walking around with a poo-covered rear end. HALLELUJAH!

Yesterday afternoon Callie jumped up in the recliner located in the corner of the computer room. Bear was already there sleeping, and Callie sat and washed herself for a few minutes, and then started rooting around Bear’s back end area.

“Uh-uh-uh,” I said warningly, and she stopped… and looked at Miz Poo, who was sitting on her bed on my desk. Callie thought about it for a moment, then started sniffing around Bear’s butt again. “Uh-uh-uh,” I said again. And Callie looked at Miz Poo. It happened a third time, and Callie finally gave up and moved to the other side of the chair, keeping a wary eye on Miz Poo.

Made me laugh, it did.

Callie cleans.

Bear licks.

Smitty poses.

Sugarbutt looks less than happy to be snuggled.

“Bwahahaha! ‘The Aristocrats!’ That joke ALWAYS gets me!”

That’s Sugarbutt on top, Smitty below. Apparently Sugarbutt wasn’t going to let Smitty get in his way. You can see by comparing the two so closely that Smitty is darker and less stripe-y than Sugarbutt.

Look guilty, don’t they?


Such a pretty boy, that Spot.

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