I am pleased to announce that the poo situation is one THOUSAND times better than it was on Thursday. I left Sugarbutt in the cage for the rest of Friday, and then Saturday morning he had improved so much that I gave him a bath and let him out into the room with Callie. He stayed out of the cage for the rest of the day and then Sunday morning things were looking so good that I gave him a quick bath to wash the dried poo off of him, and let him and Callie out of their room, and Smitty and Bear out of THEIR room, and let them run around the house until bedtime.

I wouldn’t say that Sugarbutt’s butt is at 100%, but it’s so much better than it was last Thursday that I’m not complaining. He’s still on antibiotics, so hopefully it’ll improve even more.

The kittens are going in to be spayed and neutered on Thursday, and will get their microchips and rabies shots at the same time. Once they’re healed up from the spaying and neutering, they’ll be ready to go up for adoption, it’ll just be a matter of space opening up at the pet store. We’re not going to get to keep these guys as long as we did the first and second batch, but I’ve still gotten really attached to the little brats. Wahhh!

I love this picture, ’cause you can see Mister Boogers’ fangs, and that always cracks me up.

Bear flops across the vast expanse of my midsection to snooze while I watch TV.

Smitty claims Mister Boogers’ cat bed for his own. You can imagine how that went over with Mister Boogers.

Pictures of cats licking their lips always makes me laugh.

Miz Poo and Callie touch noses. AND THEN NO SMACKDOWN ENSUED. Will wonders never cease?

* * *

And so Javert, you see it’s true
That man bears no more guilt than you!
Who am I?
Two four six oh…..”


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