Things are going well on the Sugarbutt front (or should I say, on the Sugarbutt BACK. Ha!). He’s still a little more poo-covered than I’d like, but he’s doing WAY better than he was this time yesterday. I gave him a bath last night and smeared a dab of Preparation H on his poor swollen behind, and the leaking has pretty much stopped. I’m going to leave him in the cage another day, but if he continues to do this well over the next day, I’m going to let him out of his cage.

He’s such a pitiful little thing, sitting in his cage and getting all excited when you walk in the room. It was a good idea to put Callie in there with him, because even though they can’t snuggle, they can play through the cage, and keep each other company.

We let Smitty and Bear out to play last night while we watched TV, and they basically just ran in one direction as far and fast as they could, then stopped, turned around, and ran in the opposite direction as fast as they could. We also let Callie out to explore while I was giving Sugarbutt his bath and cleaning out his cage last night, and she had a good time. There was one moment when I looked at her, and wish I had the camera. We have this small garbage can in our bedroom that lays on its side so Mister Boogers can hide in it, and he was laying in the garbage can, she was laying on top of it, and she and Spanky were touching noses.

I almost died from the cuteness.

I pray for Sugarbutt’s poo issues to resolve, because I’d love to be able to let all four of them out to explore at the same time. Maybe in Monday’s entry, I’ll be telling stories about having all four of them race around the house all weekend.

“Hey, lady. You gonna let us out of this room so we can go make trouble, or what?”

“You woke me up for THIS?”

“Okay, enough of the snuggling, I’ve got better things to do.”

Despite the fact that she has her own bowl on the other side of the room, Callie loves to reach through the cage, pull food out of Sugarbutt’s bowl, drag it out onto the floor, and sit there and eat it. In the cage, Sugarbutt eats too. I guess it’s their version of eating together.

“Why you hate me, lady?”

Callie plays in the cube.


Mister Boogers helps with dinner cleanup.


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