I got a call from the shelter manager Tuesday morning asking if I could take some fosters, and of COURSE I was willing, since the Ka-Tet was going to Petsmart. I dropped them off, came home, cleaned the kitten room and got it ready for the new fosters, then after dinner I went back to Petsmart and got them.

Their story is that they’re 5 sisters, about five months old, and they were, I believe, the kittens of a feral cat. They’re only staying with us for a little while, until there’s room at Petsmart.

They’re a little timid, but they’re very, very sweet. They have short, silky fur, and they’re beautiful in an exotic way. I almost think they have a bit of some exotic breed – perhaps Abyssinian – in them.

So, meet the five sisters:

Felicia. I think she looks kind of like Felix the Cat, but obviously you can’t name a girl cat Felix (also, Felix had already been used), so I feminized it.

Skittles. So named because she’s the scaredy-cat of the bunch, and ages ago when I was trying to come up with cat names for the fosters who ended up being Gilligan, Spanky, Maryann and Tina Louise, Kath suggested Skittles, and I think it’s a cute name, so Skittles it is!

Punki. My sister has a dilute calico named Punki, and this one is dilute (but a torti rather than a calico), so I stole the name. Punki’s the most playful of the bunch – all you have to do is wave the feather-on-a-stick toy, and she’s across the room in a flash to smack at it.

I was going to name her Reese, as in Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup (to follow the Skittles/ candy theme), but Reese made me think of Reese Witherspoon, which made me think of Elle, and I liked Elle better. So Elle she is.

Dulcinea. My brother has a cat named Dulcinea, I like the name, so I stole it!

Elle gives off the ‘tude.

Dulcinea (left) and Skittles, hiding under the dresser.

Punki keeps an eye on her sisters.

Dulcinea shows off her coat.


“Wh-what do you mean, we can’t go outside because Mister Boogers is a jerk who keeps outsmarting the electric fence around the back yard?!”


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