The new fosters are doing well. They’re all friendly, at least to me, if not each other. They’re from four different litters and Patrice is the only really hissy one – she likes to stand in the doorway between the room and the closet (where the litter boxes are) and hiss at the other kittens when they go by. So far the litter box situation is looking good – no diarrhea, which is nice, considering what we went through with the Ka-Tet.

Brolo REALLY likes that toy.

Patrice really, really likes me.

Keith is the most playful of the bunch, and very good at entertaining himself.

Brolo goes for the sniff.

“Hellew.” (Brolo)

Pretty Chemda.

Patrice is keeping an EYE on you.

Such pretty markings, our Brolo.


Tommy and Sugarbutt, feeling their oats: the pictorial.

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