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I swear that every time a foster cat’s stay with us draws near to a close, they get unbearably cuter and sweeter. Kara has been the funniest little goofball in the past day or so, running around like her tail’s on fire, coming up for love and petting, rolling around happily on our bed.

It’s going to be tough to leave her in that cage tomorrow, but it’s always tough. I know she’ll be okay (if confused), and I know she’ll go to a good home.

I just hope she goes to a good home FAST.


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10-8-08 — 6 Comments

  1. What a great site Robyn. Another place to get a kitty cat fix.
    We were just recently adopted by our third cat, we came home from a trip to see our daughter and there were two skinny hungry cats in the yard. I rushed to get food and water, one returned everyday until finally my husband said, “so when does he move inside”, when he showed up the next evening he moved in. He comes home today from getting neutered. 3 cats and 2 dogs is pretty good for a husband who said we are not getting any more pets when our two old dogs and 24 year old cat died.

  2. Lovely site Robyn! You have done a wonderful job. Are you going to be able to share this site with potential adopters. I bet folks would fall in love with them instantly if they did. It’s too bad everyone doesn’t do the same thing. Although I do not have the time or energy to put up my foster pups. The rescue group has a site and we write up a couple paragraphs or so trying to describe the pets and can even do a short video, but it is so hard to capture everything about the critter.

    I will sit her patiently waiting the new set of foster babies. As much as I love cats, I am deathly allergic so I really enjoy living vicariously though you! My wee one was just saying on the way home from nursery school yesterday that he wanted a pet. I informed him that we have a house full of dogs and there are also 2 crabs. Apparently he is set on getting a kitty. Our original adoptee has a hard time adapting to other dogs. I would hate to see her around a cat. *shudder* She is aggressive initially trying to show someone who is boss and checking to see if they are going to kick her butt. The poor girl had a really rough start.

  3. I love the site, Robyn! Love and Hisses is such a cute title!
    Sierra brought home yet another kitten yesterday. She’s such a sweet little thing. She’s solid black so we named her Salem. That brings the kitteh count to 6. I’m definitely in the running for the title of Crazy Cat Lady!