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I’m on vacation this week, and will be incommunicado ’til I get back from Myrtle Beach. I’ve scheduled entries to automatically post every morning at the usual time, so you won’t have to go without.

See you next week!


On Tuesdays, we leap (and climb.)

Judging PW’s form.

Von climbing my leg, because I was wildly waving the feather teaser.


Trader Joe, jumping. Ralph, ignoring.

Then Ralph, taking off like a wild thing.

That boy can LEAP.

Winn Dixie loves those mylar balls.

Trader Joe. Couldn’t you just squoosh that belly?

Von climbing the scratcher. There’s a feather toy that is made to hang there, but these kittens yank that thing down about 10 seconds after I hang it up.

Ralph looks like one of those gymnasts dancing with the ribbons.


I’d like to point out that the post from 2005 is the one where I announced that we were keeping Tommy! I cannot believe it’s been 9 years. How is that possible?!


It’s just exhausting to be Stefan.


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10-14-14 — 12 Comments

  1. Ok…officially, TJ and Von have somehow crept up to be my favorites. I loved them all soooo equally….but now they have pulled ahead in the race.

    Robyn, you take the best pictures. Thank you for making me smile at 6:04 am!

  2. Yay, Tommy. What a special kitty. I’m so glad that 9 years ago he became a permanent resident. I’m always amazed how well all the cats get along with him.

  3. We have laughed several times about Tom’s name. Whenever we have to spell something it always seems to come out M-O-O-N. I second the compliment about your pictures. They are wonderful and need to be in a book. The series yesterday was outstanding. Just perfect. Thanks so much for sharing. I hope you are having a wonderful time on vacation.

  4. Tommy’s how old?

    Old man still has game. Everyone seems to just adore him.

    Ralph’s tail in that fifth pic is just killing me.

  5. Man, all those pictures beg for some sort of “INVISIBLE BIKE/CAR/whatever” captions!

  6. Tell Winn Dixie that I have plenty of mylar balls at my house. She can come live with me. 🙂 Although Von’s little face in that first picture is killing me dead.

  7. I just read the Tommy post… I guess in awhile we’ll get to read about how you ended up keeping Sugarbutt? 🙂

  8. “Trader Joe. Couldn’t you just squoosh that belly?”

    If there were ever going to be a Rapture, this would be the poster for it.