10-15-14 – Wet Wednesday

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I’m on vacation this week, and will be incommunicado ’til I get back from Myrtle Beach. I’ve scheduled entries to automatically post every morning at the usual time, so you won’t have to go without.

See you next week!


Wet Wednesday.

Trader Joe was chasing Von, and Von was running and running, and it was all Good Times. Then Von kind of rolled over and ended up sitting directly in the water bowl.

And she was all “What the – ?”

Then she ran and ran, and got as much of the room wet as she possibly could before I caught her and dried her off.

Recently, PW wasn’t feeling well. Part of that not feeling well involved leaving puddles in the litter box and then tromping through them, which meant that he needed his feets washed.

He did not care for this.

And he licked and licked and licked, to get that water off his furs.

Trader Joe even helped a little.

I should’ve just given him a full-on bath, because there’s nothing cuter than a wet kitten.

Later, PW was playing over by the water bowl, and I noticed he’d dunked his toy in the water.
“Don’t put your toy in the water,” I said to him.

“Who, me? I’d never,” he said.


Dennis and the behind-you-a-serial-killer eyes.

Silly boy.


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10-15-14 – Wet Wednesday — 13 Comments

  1. Hello, Dennis! It’s been a while!! You look lovely!!!

    I hope PW feels better fast!! Please keep us posted!!!

  2. One of my dogs, the doxie Oscar, sits and squints at everyone; I think his eyesight is getting weak. However, I told my sister he is thinking, “I see OLD people.” We are all getting older! Dennis’s stare reminds me of that, though it is more of the “serial killer” stare.

    Hope you are having fun this week!

  3. *waves “hi” to Dennis. You keep an eye on those littles while Robyn is gone. :)*

  4. The look on Von’s face as she stomps off is great. “How dare I be wet! *grumble, grumble, grumble*”

  5. Hee hee Dennis… In the 2nd shot of his handsome self he looks all “now that is gonna leave a mess, Mr. Serial Killer”.

    Is PW feeling better, or does he still have the trots?

  6. Haha, Von was wearing the Ears of Supreme Annoyance after her surprise dunking! The look on her face as she sprints away is cracking me up! 🙂