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I’m on vacation this week, and will be incommunicado ’til I get back from Myrtle Beach. I’ve scheduled entries to automatically post every morning at the usual time, so you won’t have to go without.

See you next week!


Tony in the sun. That boy certainly enjoys himself some sunshine.


The perfect size to pop in your mouth. Between the cotton candy toes and the Fluff-stuffed head, he would be one tasty little treat.


Oh, Livia. PLEASE don’t sit in the litter box.

“Lady, when YOU are nursing 7 bratty little screamers, YOU can decide whether or not I hang out in this comfy, comfy litter box. It’s soft and it’s comfy and there are NO SCREAMING KITTENS IN THEM, so it’s a perfectly fine place to hang out as far as I’M concerned.”

Meadow tries to decide whether to take a nap or to go scream at Livia. Judging by those sleepy eyes, she’s leaning toward the former.


Poor Livia can’t even eat in peace any more.


Silvio’s all “Food? Mama’s eating food? I need some of that!”

Tony’s not sure how he got in this giant mug, and he’s not sure whether he likes it.


Look upon the floor around Tommy and join me in despairing. Here’s a tip from me to you: if you’re having hardwood floors put in your house, do not – I SAY, DO NOT – get pine floors. We had the floors in the entire house redone before we moved in 6 years ago, and the floors throughout the downstairs are horribly scratched up. Yes, we COULD have put rugs down in the high traffic areas, but we didn’t realize just how bad they’d look after a few years. Also, the hardwood floors are one of the things we just LOVED about this house when we first saw it.

(The stairs are made of poplar, and they’ve held up well. The floors in the front room and my bedroom (which was originally a dining room) are oak, and that’s held up well, also. But the pine – UGH.)

But look at Tommy’s face. Tom Cullen don’t CARE about no pine floors. Just hand over the crunchies, stupid lady.


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10-15-13 — 11 Comments

  1. What slays me is, I have hardwood floors (oak), ONE (short-haired) Greyhound dog, ONE Siamese cat and I ALWAYS have pet hair on the floor. I don’t see one pet hair on the floor in that picture. I vacuum, damp mop, Bona, steam clean, EVERYTHING and there is always pet hair on the floor. There is also always pet hair on the tile floor in the bathroom and they don’t even USE the bathroom. What is your secret??

  2. I’ve shared your pain about the hardwoods before… When I moved into my 100+ year old house with the original heart pine floors, I refinished only the upstairs, where the ghastly shag carpet was. My floor guy talked me into leaving the floor upstairs its natural color, where the downstairs had been stained darker many years previously (it was also a time concern with movers, so I really didn’t have the extra days to do the stain). Bad mistake – I swear the natural pine shows scratches much worse than the darker, which you think it wouldn’t! But that will be an issue for the next owner. I don’t see myself moving everything out just to redo all the floors again!

    Oh, cat hair tumbleweeds are a permanent fixture in my house…I can literally have just vacuumed and swept, and a ball of hair will roll past me 10 minutes later! 🙂

  3. We got a natural knotty maple and it hides the scratches pretty well, except at an angle. Plus it doesn’t scratch as easily as the birch we had in our previous home.

    • I have rosewood (mine isn’t pink, but would remind you more of cherry). No scratches! Before I bought the wood for my floors, I went on the internet and looked up hardness charts for wood flooring. I picked a HARD wood, just for that reason.

  4. Totally off-topic, but I’ve said before – you guys are the only cat people I “know.” Anybody found a reliable programmable feeder that your cat can’t break into? Earl busted into a flip-top feeder in minutes and probably wouldn’t take long to learn how to rotate the dish in the round feeders. This is also for Pumpkin, the weirdo twice-spayed orange female who goes into heat. Thanks!

    • no, I haven’t. I have tried a couple and my cat is so food motivated he would sit there and work at it until he got into it..

  5. Pine is classified as a soft wood, cypress also. Once it is rrsanded, those scratches will be patina

  6. I feel your pain! I have the original cork in the downstairs and it’s looking pretty worse for wear. I love the pictures and they are all so beautiful – totally worth it of course!

    PS: Loved the comment about cat hair tumbleweeds – I think that describes our place perfectly! :))