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I’m home from vacation, but I’m busy trying to whip the house back into shape, so won’t be around much for the next couple of days. Luckily, I thought ahead and prewrote and scheduled posts for this entire week!


Open Mouths of Outrage Thursday.

OUTRAGED! Okay, maybe not outraged. Maybe just… kind of laying there with his mouth open. As you do. Hey, you never know when something’s going to come along that needs to be bitten!

Ralph, outraged!


Poor Ralph. Always so outraged!

He looks a little less outraged and a little more amused, here.

PW, outraged that Trader Joe has STOLEN HIS TOY.

Von, outraged that Trader Joe keeps STICKING his BUTT in her FACE.

Not really outraged – but his mouth is open and he’s all “Paws up, y’all!”

It’s entirely possible that I poked him to get him to open his mouth. You can’t prove it, though.


Winn Dixie’s all open mouth and whiskers. She was NOT pleased with Trader Joe’s continual biting of her foot.

“I am TELLING you, lady, these slippers gots to go if I have to take them off your feet my own self!”

“Hmm… They’re kind of tasty, actually!”


If you’re interested, the 2006 post (linked down at the bottom of the page) is about Maxi and Newt showing up with Maxi’s kittens. I am always blown away at how tiny she was back then. I mean, she’s not big now, but she was clearly not completely grown at that point! Also, we referred to Newt as “Daddy” because he was hanging around with Maxi, but the vet later mentioned that she thought he could be her kitten from a previous litter.


Grandma Poo enjoys some time in the sunshine.


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10-16-14 — 15 Comments

  1. Welcome back, Robyn! Looking forward to hearing about your vac — and Fred’s adventures in single fatherhood.

    • Yeah, I fell down the 2006 rabbit hole and relived the taking in of Maxi and Newt and her kittens. And laughed at Robyn and Fred’s protests of 8 cats being too many!! 😀

  2. I just want to grab and kiss all those babies (and stuff Von and TJ into my pockets and run away with them)!!!

  3. I heart Grandma Poo so much! Which is an odd thing to say out loud!

    Open mouthed kittens have really cheered me up today! Thanks! Welcome back!

  4. Oh Miz Poo! You get more beautiful every time I see you!! Keep those old bones warm sweetheart. 🙂

  5. Sniff my butt! SNIFF IT!!

    so if you poke a kitten, they open their mouths? I’ll have to try that.

    you do know it is possible that newt could be the son AND the father.. says the owner of a cat who was his own uncle (okay technically his dad was his brother, but I prefer the uncle statement)

  6. Ralph apparently enjoys himself some tasty slippers! That tongue is killing me D-E-D DED from the cute.

  7. I learned a lot about cats recently because of a wonderful BBC Documentary series about cats. When the cat makes that open mouthed grimace it is apparently using the scent tasting organ in its mouth to get a really good idea of what is around it, just one way it can find prey that we cannot.