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I’m home from vacation, but I’m busy trying to whip the house back into shape, so won’t be around much for the next couple of days. Luckily, I thought ahead and prewrote and scheduled posts for this entire week!


Trader Joe shows PW who the boss is.

“I give up. I GIVE UP! Make him stop…”

Ralph likes to drag the packing strap around. Sometimes the other kittens chase it. Winn Dixie is considering it!

Gorgeous, gorgeous girl. She is such a little poser!

PW, in the middle of fighting with Trader Joe, can’t take his eyes off her!


All five in one picture!

PW looks like a baby fox in this picture, doesn’t he?

Can’t take her eyes off herself. Can’t say as I blame her!

I think Trader Joe’s just kind of given up, here.

Is that mouse talkin’ to you, Trader Joe?


Oh Ralph, you gorgeous thing.


“I tell you what, lady. You get that camera outta my face, I won’t sneeze in your hair while you’re sleeping. Deal?”


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10-17-14 — 14 Comments

  1. Don’t believe him. He’s totally going to sneeze in your hair while you’re sleeping. Right after you washed it.

  2. Trader Joe had decided to employ the Possum Method of playing dead in the hopes that his attacker will lose interest and move on.

    A talking mouse is nowhere near as ridiculous as that face he makes at you!

  3. Is Trader Joe cross-eyed? Not sure if it’s those ridiculously ineffective ears of annoyance but he kind of looks it.

    Did the kittens even acknowledge that you were missing and now returned? I KNOW the permanent residents probably gave you this cursory, “oh you were gone?” cold shoulder. Probably followed by sitting on your face while you were trying to sleep.

  4. Whoa, flashbacks for eight years. I don’t think that I can remember a day with that many flashbacks.

  5. That is SUCH a beautiful litter of kittens, aren’t they? Not just “awwww, look at the baby kitties, aren’t they cute?”, but absolutely BEAUTIFUL!

  6. I’m telling you this has to be the most gorgeous batch of kittens that you’ve ever had. They have all been cute, but these monkeys are just beautiful.

  7. I agree with the comments about how gorgeous, and goofy this litter is. It makes my day so much better seeing them and their floofiness!

  8. The PW fox picture – looks like The Eye of Sauron on his cheek is staring at me. Made me shiver.

    Nah, Trader Joe is giving you the wink to let you know he’s just pretending at giving up. Just wants Ralph to think he’s won.