10-17-09 – Gus (the Wonka).

Hello, gorgeous.


2008: “Hey. You have two hands, don’t you? Two hands, two cats, THE MATH ADDS UP. Get to petting!”
2007: No entry.
2006: (Maddy learns the art of sarcasm)
2005: Sugarbutt’s back!



10-17-09 – Gus (the Wonka). — 9 Comments

  1. I know folks say it all the time…
    Good thing Gus is already spoken for and good thing you are clear in Alabama.
    That photo is just precious!

  2. I could do this forever! Fall in love with litter of kittens for a few weeks, and then when the go away, fall in love with another litter all over again.

    I’m really greatful that *you* do the leaving at the petshop bit though…