10-16-09 – True Blood 6.


I’ve had several requests for close-up pictures of the boys who are going off to the adoption center today. I did my best to get pictures yesterday, and paired them up with “befores” – some of the “afters” are not so great, because these kittens were on FIRE yesterday, racing around like crazy. When they weren’t doing that, they were sleeping like the dead. In other words, it was hard to get good close-up pictures of them, but I did my best!

(And for the record, Terry is NOT becoming a permanent resident – he and Sookie are staying here for a little while longer because they’re not completely healed from their surgery. And there’s no way I could decide to keep Terry – because there’s no way on earth I could take Sookie to the adoption center alone. I’d feel horrible for her!)

Click on any of the pictures to see a much larger version.

Bill, before and now. I completely forgot he was such a little fuzzball! If you recall, Bill’s the one who sat around all the time with his eyes squinted mostly shut. Terry’s eyes were worse, but Bill seemed to be in more discomfort, thus the squinting. Now, Bill has his eyes open most of the time (except when I try to use the flash around him!), and we can see that he’s cross-eyed. Just adds to his charm, if you ask me! You can see how before, he had a jagged eyeline, which is why at first I thought his lids had been ripped at some point. He’s such a handsome boy.

Hoyt, before and now. Before, Hoyt’s right eye was bothering him the most – now, it’s not bothering him at all. It’s still (if you look closely) a bit smaller than the other eye, and occasionally he squints the right eye a little, but ointment or eye drops fixes that pretty quickly.

Sam, before and now. You can see pretty clearly the missing parts of Sam’s upper eyelids, before – especially his right eye. Now, he’s got a lovely, smooth eyeline. The other cats have big round eyes now, but Sam’s got more of an exotic slant to his. Such a gorgeous boy!

Lafayette, before and now. I’m sorry the “before” picture isn’t the greatest – I lightened it the best I can. If you look at it in the larger size, you can see how it looked like there were chunks of eyelid missing from both sides. Now, he’s got that same lovely, smooth eyeline. He opens his eyes more now, too – and he’s actually not as cross-eyed as he was when he was wee. Still a bit cross-eyed, but like Bill, it just adds to his charm. I love his serious little face!

On the table: Hoyt. On the chair: Lafayette, Terry and Sookie.

I swear, that blanket had been laying on the table for PERHAPS ten minutes before Hoyt sensed its presence, and jumped up there to fall asleep on it.

Smilin’ Hoyt.

From my comments:

I thought hissing and spitting were the same? Can you enlighten me? Thanks!

Boy, you’ve kind of got me stumped! The only way I can think of to describe the difference is that hissing is a longer sound, like a long exhalation, whereas spitting is a short sound and sounds like the kitten or cat is actually spitting something at you.

Anyone got a better way to describe it? I know the difference, it’s just hard to explain it!

Robyn…will this be the hardest group to leave at the adoption centre of all the groups you’ve had? What with all their issues and surgeries they are just the cuddliest, funniest bunch!

Maybe. All the groups are always very hard to leave, because I always fall completely head over heels in love with them and can’t imagine having to give them up. There’s always a point where I say “I cannot do this. I can’t take them there and leave them. I’M KEEPING THEM ALL!”

(I’m kind of going through that right now.)

What helps is that I stay in the cat room with them until they seem comfortable, and I wait until they’re distracted by toys before I tiptoe out of the room. And they’re ALWAYS distracted by toys and sniffing the cages, and checking out the food. I almost always hide at the end of the aisle and watch them to make sure they’re okay, and so far not a one of them has suddenly looked up and said “Hey. Where’d that lady go? WHY WOULD SHE ABANDON US LIKE THIS?!”

You’d think this would get easier, but so far (4 1/2 years, close to 100 fosters), it hasn’t.

And now off I go to get the boys settled in their temporary homes, because I am CERTAIN that someone’s going to come along and fall in love with every one of them TONIGHT.

(Fingers crossed!)


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10-16-09 – True Blood 6. — 12 Comments

  1. I just know it won’t take long for a wonderful person to fall in love with those beautiful special kitties! They are all unique and have such a charm about them. Good luck! Sending them all warm and loving thoughts~~~!

  2. you know, (or maybe you don’t), but some cats look scary or fierce.. but the true blood all looks so huggable!!

    I’m gonna miss them too!

    Pray that they find good homes each soon!

  3. I feel dumb, because I’m crying a little (at work) because it’s time for the True Bloods to find new homes! If I lived near you, I’d take at least one of them, despite my two cats and one dog already. I hope they not only find great homes, but that they also find people who will keep in touch with you, so we can find out how the babies do!

  4. Oh I am so sad that they are going but so happy that they will be finding wonderful permanent homes. I really think they should add something to the adoption paperwork that they have to start a blog to follow each one.

    By boys – we will all miss you so much!

    Ok, can I just add that the word verification is totally appropriate for this one – cherished and gifted.

  5. I have to admit that I have become very attached to the TB6 after following your blog, donating money to help with their eye surgery, getting a handwritten thank you card from you for my donation (which I will keep forever) and watching them grow and their eyes improve. Personally, I would steal Hoyt in an instant. He is so chatty and always has a “complaint”. Love it. I’ll be sad when I can’t see them/read about them any more.

    @Angie…it’s great to read that you love Hoyt’s complaints, too!

    Robyn, I suspect you may have a harder time then normal…because they have been so special. I believe that they will each get these amazing homes and their new mamas/dadas will appreciate their stories.

    Hugs to you and kitty kisses to the TB6.

  6. Goodbye TB6 boys! And good luck out there in that big world! I miss you already!

    I’m (selfishly) glad that Terry isn’t leaving yet. He’s still my number one of the bunch, since we were first introduced to them. I love the little diamond on his nose — and I know he’s quite the trooper to go through all the treatments he had to go through (with the hernia, and the eyes, and the neutering, etc). So, I’ll be happy we’ll still get to hear about him for a little while longer 😉

    (Re. Spitting & Hissing: I think you said it pretty good, Robyn. One is short and one is long. I would maybe add that spitting has that more ‘raspier’ sound to it, like it’s coming from deep down in the throat. Hissing is just like if you were to say the word ‘Hiss’ – it’s softer, and almost higher sounding (?)).

  7. Sending you lots of hugs today, knowing how difficult it must be to let them go but I’m keeping fingers crossed that they get adopted instantly and find perfect forever homes!

    Hugs to all, and my monsters send purrs the furry ones!

  8. WOW they look GREAT!!! thanks for the pics! i think lafayette’s transformation makes me the happiest, such a handsome young gentleman. i’m going to miss the heck outta these guys!

  9. Well, we all knew this time would come — bittersweet. Many thanks to Robyn for all the love, care and time she lavished on these kittens. They look WONDERFUL!

    I, too, will miss Hoyt’s grousing about everything with his crinkled up nose.

    🙁 but 🙂

  10. So long, little troopers. Some very lucky families have no idea just how lucky they’re about to be.

    Thanks for all the posts on the TB6, Robyn. I’ve enjoyed every one, and learned all about eyelips in the process.

    Kisses all around, please!

  11. I’m glad Terry’s sticking around for awhile too! I know he’ll find a great home…the others too!