10-17-08 – Lem, Delmar, Marion & Claudette.


The kittens are about killing me with the cute. At this point I only have to go into the room and sit down, and Delmar’s off that cat tree like a flash, strolls over to me and demands love. He rolls around on his back, he climbs in my lap, he rubs his head against my cheek, he is just a little lovebug. Lem’s usually the second one off the tree, comes over and says “Hey. You have two hands, don’t you? Two hands, two cats, THE MATH ADDS UP. Get to petting!”

Marion is easily lured off the cat tree with toys, though it takes some time for her to warm up and allow me to pet her just the teensiest bit. Claudette actually came down off the cat tree yesterday afternoon. She didn’t want me to pet her – the food bowl was her goal – but she also didn’t shy away and run for the tree when I approached her, so she’s making definite progress.

I don’t know what the deal was, but once she got to the food and water bowls, she drank some water, and then she straddled the water bowl to get to the food bowl. I know she didn’t want to sit in front of the food bowl because that would have been too close to me, and she wanted to keep an eye on me, but why she didn’t go behind the food bowl, I don’t know. Silly girl.

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Delmar likes to bite my toes (please ignore the hideously ugly foot. I need to start wearing socks in the kitten room, obviously.).

2008-10-17 (4)
Claudette. She is such a pretty girl.

2008-10-17 (3)
I LOVE Lem’s markings, and the way his face is lighter than his body.

2008-10-17 (2)
“WHAT does she keep throwing in here? I tell her and tell her that toys do not belong in the box, but she keeps throwing them in here and I have to come pull them out!”

2008-10-17 (1)
Delmar and the ugly foot. He was rubbing his lips on my foot. I don’t know what’s up with that.

This weekend, I plan to move them out of the foster kitten room for a little while (probably in carriers) so I can vacuum in there and change out their litter box, and possibly move the litter box into the closet. They aren’t hiding from us, so I’m not so worried about them going into the closet and hiding. If they do, I can always shoo them out of the closet and shut the door so they can’t do that anymore!

Last night we gave them deworming medicine. I was worried that they’d be freaked out by our shoving medicine down their throats, but they forgive us immediately. They’re such sweet monkeys.

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