October 17, 2008 – Pet Store Kitties

This is Little Sister. She’s been around for a while and she is ready to be adopted NOW, please. Quickly. Hurry it up! She’s a very friendly cat who does that thing where she goes totally limp and purrs like mad when you pick her up.

“WHAT is going on out here?” asks Ladybug. She’s a sweetie – I love me some calico kittehs – and she loves to be petted and told how pretty she is.

Kazie is just the shyest little sweetheart and she’ll break your heart with how shy and tentative she is, but once you start petting her and she begins to trust you a little, all is good. She’s got THE most gorgeous green eyes – the picture doesn’t do her justice.

Jabbers the sweetie-pie says “Hellew.”

Ireland is tired of being in a cage with her brothers. She’s a sweetheart – I love torties – and kept patting my leg so I’d pet her.

This is Cruzen. He reminds me a little, in temperament as well as looks, of our Joe Bob. He’s a good boy.

LOVE the freckle on his nose.


Constantine, Cruzen and Ireland’s brother. I just love the patch of color around his nose, I couldn’t get a really good close-up picture of his face with him looking up, but rest assured – he is AWFULLY cute.

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