I’m on vacation this week, and will be incommunicado ’til I get back from Myrtle Beach. I’ve scheduled entries to automatically post every morning at the usual time, so you won’t have to go without.

See you next week!

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I told it would happen one day, didn’t I? Didn’t I say that one day all the Weeds and all the Pickles were going to cram themselves into one bed?

Well, I was right!

If you could see Joe’s face, this would be the perfect picture. Just to let you know who’s who, that’s Joe’s brown tabby self in the back left of the bed. In front of him (pink collar) is Polly. Next to her, in the front, is Magoo. Behind Magoo is Thistle. Sitting up and ready to take off (blue collar) is Percy. Next to Percy, with the big eyes, is Petey. Next to Petey is Dandelion, of course, and behind her is Purslane. (This picture makes it look like Percy is the biggest cat in that bed, but that’s just the angle.)

At least in this one you can see everyone’s face, though a couple of them are pretty blurry.

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It absolutely cracks me up when Tommy and Sugarbutt lay like this.

Talk about living dangerously! Poor Tommy.


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10-17-12 — 19 Comments

  1. These pics rock! Thank you for being so thoughtful and posting them, Robyn. Today is my birthday and these were fun to enjoy. In a perfect world I would have Purslane and Tony Rocky Horror Pickle in a basket on my doorstep for gifts! Ever since you said Tony Rocky Horror will be a black Loony Jake I’ve wanted him and Purslane’s furrowed brow just kills me. Hope you are having a blast in Myrtle Beach.

    • Happy Birthday, Annette!!!

      And Robyn, if you are leaving kitties on doorsteps, please leave Dandi on mine! Thanks!

    • Happy birthday Annette! (My brother’s birthday is tomorrow. And I like to get married on other people’s birthdays, apparently. LOL! First was the 17th, 2nd was the 18th. If there’s a next time I’ll try shooting for March or something & see if that works better.)

  2. I have a king-sized bed I would gladly share with all of the weeds and pickles. But my husband would have to have some of the space, LOL!

  3. All these pics are adorable! Tommy and SB remind me of my Maximillian. He still uses the same bed I got him 3 years ago when we picked him up from the shelter. Unfortunately he’s double the beds size now and just looks like a hot mess when he sleeps there!

  4. I have a litter of five kittens who are smaller than the Weeds and the Pickles and they generally won’t be found in the same bed. Admit it… Fred stuffed them all in there and you managed to take a bajillion pictures before any of them objected. 😉

    • I thought this too, immediately – “Oh confess, you drugged them with catnip and then plopped them all in a pile!” hee!

  5. All of those cats in the same bed reminds me of the John Denver song “Grandma’s Feather Bed”. The lyrics say “It would hold 8 kids, 4 hound dogs, and a piggie we stole from the shed…”. I know one of YOUR piggies would never fit in the bed with the 8 kitties though. Cute, cute, cute!

    • I LOVE John Denver!! And I will be humming “Grandma’s Feather Bed” the rest of the evening (it is not on his Greatest Hits double album, which I have never understood…).

      I think Polly looks like she is yelling “Halp – I’m being squashed!” in the second picture!

  6. Ha! Take a look at the 2005 post for this day, ‘Look Who’s Back! “. Tommy and Sugarbutt have quite the history together!

    And I adore that bed of Pickles and Weeds! What a sweet and whacky gang…er…clowder!

  7. The last picture of the pickles & weeds is not my wallpaper at work. They are so cute! I’ve always thought it was funny how litters of kittens looked. The pickles all look so much alike except for Magoo. And then the weeds are all completely different.

  8. there is always one in a crowd that ruins the shot isn’t there 🙂

    And I’m telling you Robyn, if you don’t get those kitties their own beds the KPS is gonna be on your case..