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I’m on vacation this week, and will be incommunicado ’til I get back from Myrtle Beach. I’ve scheduled entries to automatically post every morning at the usual time, so you won’t have to go without.

See you next week!

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Tortie Tuesday.
(Alternately: Tortie ‘TUDEsday.)

“What, lady? What you want?”

“I not looking at you. Ergo, you not exist.”

The kittens are always drawn to Miz Poo. She pretends to hate it, but I suspect that deep, deep, DEEP down, she secretly likes it.

Just so PLEASED with herself, that Purslane.

Smug, you might say.

“I wonder if I could push her off the desk and make it look like an accident?”

Try to relax, little stressball.


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10-16-12 — 22 Comments

  1. My heart just exploded with tortie happiness. Thank you Robyn, Purslane, and Miz Poo(!) for making this happen.

    Might we have a Spanky sighting soon?

  2. Ha. OMG Purslane and Miz Poo look a lot alike.

    Also, are you kidding me? If Miz Poo really minded, Purslane wouldn’t be there. She’d get chased off. There’s no doubt in my mind. Miz Poo darling, who are you kidding?

  3. Miz Poo has a mini-me!

    Hope you are having a great vacation Robyn. Thanks for pre-posting! This site is the best way to start my day.

  4. Haha! Purslane using “ergo” has got to be the first instance of internet cat-speak to ever sound that eloquent. She’s a little smug scholar, that one!

  5. Oh, yes, Miz Poo is my favorite. And I do think that deep down, she’s very contented to occasionally have a kitten around, especially another tortie. She just doesn’t want to let on, ‘though, lest it leads them not to value it enough!

  6. Purslane has the perfect partner for hide-n-seek. She really matches Miz Poo’s coloring.

  7. Overwhelmed by the tortie goodness here! Thank you so much for the preposting, Robyn! Have a wonderful vacation!

  8. Two torties! My cat, Rootie (a Tortie) will put up with more from Charlie (the baby) than Taco (older black cat). I think Charlie thinks of her as his Mom. 😀

    And thank you, Robyn, for the posts while you are on vacation. Have a great time!