(There’s an entry up for yesterday, too.)

It’s probably for the best that Buster went back to Petsmart last week.

While he was here, he was clearly COMPLETELY miserable.

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In case you ever wondered what it’s like trying to walk through the house with a cat – Buster – who loves you so much he wants to be in constant contact with you, who rubs against first one leg and then the other, here you go:

YouTube link

What can I say? Buster lurves me. Well. Buster lurves EVERYONE.

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Remember how I said that our cats are fans of the BOLT laser cat toy? Here’s your proof:

YouTube link


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10-17-10 — 7 Comments

  1. Oo thank you! Boli-Buster, my favourite! He really does seem to hating every second in the yard!

  2. Awwww Buster!!!! I hope some kind soul sees this clip of him and his adorable purr and give him and Reacher and Rhyme and Corbett super duper homes!! Awww what cutie!! So so so affectionate!

    That laser toy thingie is really fun!!! I’m so tempted to get one for Charlie now! Take care

  3. Gawd! That’s one miserable cat – it’s a good thing Buster got out! Mean Robyn! And how have you not eaten S&H right up? Talk about delicious! Get them to talk some more! I love baby voices!
    And then, the way you mock them, just heartless! Welcome back.

  4. Welcome back! Hope it was a great vacation. You sure did give us lots to come back to!! It’s a wonder you didn’t lose a finger in that food bowl! 😉

  5. My Sidney walks with me like that!!! I love it (except when I am in a hurry!)

    Welcome home! I hope you had a wonderful vacation!