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Loony Jake’s loony face reminds me of Christopher Lloyd’s face in “Who Framed Roger Rabbit” when he finally let his true, crazy, cartoon self show through.

I can totally see that!!!

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Our Bailey is about the same age as the Peppers, but he is so much smaller than they are. I guess he was the runt of the litter and I wonder if he will be smaller all of his life. Any ideas on that?

It’s possible he might be smaller all of his life, but it’s not at all guaranteed. Sugarbutt was the runt of his litter, and was much smaller than his siblings, but these days he’s a very muscular 12.2 pounds.

Alice – remember tiny Alice, who we thought was 6 or 7 weeks old when she showed up in December and then found out she was six MONTHS old?


The vet told us that she didn’t think Alice would get much over six pounds – and she was almost 8 pounds at the end of June.

On the other hand, Beulah – remember Beulah? This is her, smack dab in the middle of her much bigger siblings:

Beulah, last I heard, stayed small. Here she is, near a year old, with her normal-sized sister.


So really, the answer is that it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing. Bailey may stay little, or he might grow to be normal-sized. It’s pretty much impossible to know at this point.

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Thanks for such a great post. I do feel compelled to say that those first two videos are the reason you have so many chickens!! The things which help with broody hens whose eggs you want are work gloves (esp. the ones with leather backs) and speed!!

Ha – no, the reason we have so many chickens is that after trying to break a broody hen (we have a cage he refers to as a “broody buster” that works about 3/4 of the time) for several days, if the broody hen will not be dissuaded from her broodiness, Fred doesn’t just put one or two eggs under her to sit on – he puts six or seven. He’s always worried, if he only puts one or two under her, that they won’t be fertile and she’ll sit there and sit there and waste away with the anguish of never having her own babies. And of course, the eggs turn out to ALL be fertile and hatch. I think we’ve got a pretty good number of chickens right now, though – enough to lay eggs for us, and some extras to sell!

I usually find that approaching the egg from the chicken’s back end – so they can’t see what I’m doing – works best. And even if they get me, it doesn’t really hurt. Well, unless they get a pinch of skin and twist. But that only hurts for a few seconds.

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I want to find who makes those boxes and send you a dozen. Get the printed with something like paws and fishes. Has Loony Jake always had such a loony expression? Does he look that loony in real life? His little mug cracks me up!

Oldcat pointed out: You could make one from a regular shoebox and lid by cutting off one edge of the lid and taping it to one side. Glue or use contact paper to make the patterns on the side that you want.

I had three of these shoeboxes in an area waiting for a use when she first wrote about them. They are pretty popular – even the ones that don’t sleep in them rub on the edges of the top.

Fred got some sneakers at Kohl’s – Sketchers, I think – and they come in the superbox type of box. We’ve got two boxes as backup in case (as inevitably happens) someone pees on Superbox.

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The Irene 6 — Nothing cuter than kittens and firemen, and it’s good to see a small bit of good news in Irene-damaged New England.

Love it!

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Is Elwood as big a lovebug as his brother is?

Except for Tommy and the occasional headbutting with Kara, Elwood prefers people to cats. He especially loves bedtime, when he climbs into bed with us and walks back and forth to be petted. Then, when Fred goes off to his own room, Elwood will lay right up against me, roll around, and purr and purr while I rub his belly. He looks very stern and severe, but give that boy a pet or two, and he loves you to death.

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Is it the lighting or is one of the Peppers a silvery tabby?

Molly Peppers is a silver tabby.

2011-08-08 (6)

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So now that the kitty-cats are pavlov trained to their collars, how high is the fence they won’t go over? And how come Maxi was in the veggie garden with you?

The fence in the back yard is five feet tall. And they KNOW that those collars are what’s keeping them in the back yard. Last weekend, Fred left Tommy’s collar off all day, and after a few hours, I looked on the side stoop to see that Tommy had climbed over the fence and was waiting to be let back into the house. It’s definitely not a matter of them making the connection that the fence is a no-no; if their collar doesn’t warn them away from the fence, they’re OVER it.

Maxi and Newt are our cats who are free-roamers. They came “with” the house, and they freak out quite a bit if we try to keep them contained to the house and back yard. They’re not TECHNICALLY our cats (they “belong” to a lady down the street), but really at this point we’ve taken them both to the vet often enough and they spend enough time here that the case could be made that they’re ours.

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2011-09-02 (11)
“Y’all can keep partying, but I’m going to bed. It’s exhausting, being this cute.” (Harlan really likes that bed.)

2011-09-02 (1)
Lucy almost looks like she’s not cross-eyed here, doesn’t she?

2011-09-02 (2)

2011-09-02 (10)
“Derpy der, I’ve got my Starbucks and the paper. I’m going to go poop in my water bowl!”
Molly: ::giggle::

2011-09-02 (9)
“Derpy der, ::giggle::, I’ve got to hurry, I’m late for work! I need to type and type and type! ::giggle:: Hand me my smartphone, I need to send an important text! I am very import–”

2011-09-02 (6)
“Uh. Oh. Hi.”

2011-09-02 (7)
“Uh. Just stretching my back.”

2011-09-02 (3)

2011-09-02 (4)

2011-09-02 (8)
“No, I wasn’t mocking how funny you look, walking around on two feet. Why do you ask?”

2011-09-02 (5)
“Was there something you needed?”

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2011-09-02 (12)
I’m pretty sure that you almost forgot how beautiful Corbie is. How COULD you? Hmph.


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9-2-11 — 13 Comments

  1. Only one picture of the Corbster? The Molly sequence has helped me overcome this lacuna, but please post more of Don Corbione next Friday. Failure to comply may result in an offer you can’t refuse.

  2. “I’ve got my Starbucks and the paper…” LOL!

    I thought Harlan was Corbie in that first pic. He looks deceptively full-grown.

  3. Well, we don’t see Corbie every day, so we need reminders! Don Corbione…snork! Is all this going to his head or is he just averagely vain, like all cats?

  4. I’ve always wanted to have my cats be solely inside cats,but they are so used to being inside/outside,that I dread changing that.Frankie starts climbing the curtains and even trying to climb the walls if I even dare to try and keep him inside.During a very bad wind ‘storm’ last summer,I kept all 4 inside,and he wailed like a banshee the whole time.

  5. My Buzzo was the runt of his litter… the smallest boy, though he was about the same size as his only sister. He grew up to be a smallish cat- barely 9 lbs. He looks bigger because he has big paws and lots of floof, though.

    • My Sweetpea was half the size of her siblings – 1 lb. at 8 weeks. She’s grown to be an above average-sized cat, I’d say. She weighs 10 pounds, but is still smaller in frame than my Maine Coon mix. I agree with the whole wait-and-see thing, though. She was smaller than average up until about a year old, then had a growth spurt.

      At any size, cats are adorable!!

  6. Thanks again for enlivening my morning coffee/read! And, of course, for answering all of our questions so nicely.
    Our vet told us after spaying Lizzy (former barn cat) that she’d never be a big cat. Kind of funny, she’s the largest framed of our 3 and weighs about 11 pounds! It’s true, you just never can tell.
    Have to admit, Molly has stolen my heart…good thing for me there is such a distance!! This doesn’t mean that Don Corbione isn’t the most gorgeous though!

  7. That Derpy Der series is quite possibly the funniest thing I’ve ever read. 😀 I am a newcomer to your blog and am already completely addicted!!

  8. The Derpy Der sequence is hysterical and I too had to read it twice before getting what was going on. And Brigitte, I not be blond 🙂
    There must be some cat animation company just looking for someone like you, Robyn!
    And the Corbster is a handsome, handsome boy, no doubt at all.

  9. Awwww, purry Elwood. *cuddles him* What a doll. Both brothers got the lovebug gene, yay!

    Eeeeek, that movie scene never failed to give me the massive crawlies! I’m glad I can’t see the screen there, really. As is, the sound of that charming, quintessentially non-evil voice going all squeaky and ‘Remember me, Eddie, when I..’ brrrrrr! I didn’t see the movie all the way through till I was 26, and it *still* creeped me out! I’ll be over here, snuggling with the dog for a minute. And remembering Back To The Future, yes.