9-2-09 – True Blood 6.

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Oh, I am so annoyed with myself right now. I just realized that I completely forgot to take closeup pictures of Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette’s eyes, so I won’t have really good “before” pictures of them!


Ah well. I’m sure with all the pictures I’ve taken of these kittens, I can find some that will work as “before” pictures.

So yes, Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette are all currently sitting at the vet’s right now. Hopefully she’ll get a chance to get all three of them done – it will depend on what else she’s got scheduled for today, and how long the first surgery takes. Since Hoyt does have one “good” eye, he should be a quick one.

When I go pick them up this evening, I’m going to take Sam with me so she can take a look at him. I think he looks good and everything’s healing fine, but on the other hand I’ve never been through this before, so what do I know, right? I could use a little reassurance just to set my mind at ease, being the worrywart that I am.

(I actually was at the vet’s last night as well, taking one of my own cats to the vet. We started talking about the eye surgery, and I told her that my husband had coined the term “eyelips”, and she said that someone who works in the vet’s office had been calling them “liplids.” In fact, that’s what they wrote on Hoyt, Bill, and Lafayette’s cage cards when I took them in this morning!)

It’s certainly quiet upstairs today with only three kittens racing around.

A dirty look from Sam, because I’m taking his picture rather than petting him.

Terry does his part to keep the kitten population clean.

Terry pretends to nap so I’ll take my camera and go away. Little does he know, he’s even cuter when he’s sleeping.

Hoyt’s got the giggles.

Hoyt lodges a complaint with the management.

“GIVE me that camera!”

Doesn’t Bill totally look like he could be a model in the JC Penney catalog? He was standing up, staring at the overhead fan, which I’d just switched on.

Finally got a decent small pet scale for weighing the kittens (off eBay! I love eBay.), and when I took it upstairs to make sure Lafayette’s over 2 pounds, Hoyt decided he needed to be weighed as well. (Lafayette was at 2 pounds 6 ounces yesterday)

Check out the glare on Sam!


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9-2-09 – True Blood 6. — 11 Comments

  1. Oh, those are wonderful photos! Terry is indeed very cute when he’s asleep, and Sam’s eyes are looking good!

    Fingers crossed for Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette to get their “liplids” done today…

  2. I have to say that I prefer eyelips to liplids. Just sayin.. The babies are adorable as always.

    Marty, I have scale envy, too. I’m told that postage scales work well. They’re available at Office Depot and the like.

  3. Wow, Sam’s eyes look so good now – it’s awesome that even while they are not totally healed yet, he can keep them open without squinting – what a huge difference! Hurray for the eyelips! 🙂

    The cuteness factor is getting more and more intense every day with those kittens… how can you bear it without squishing them all??

    Crossing fingers and paws here for Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette. Soon they will be sporting their own cool eyelips!

  4. Good luck to those adorable kitties.

    That scale is AWESOME! I’ve been trying to find a good scale to weigh my guinea pigs.

  5. “Eyelips” just rolls off the tongue easier, doesn’t it?

    I really, really like the scale. It’s so much easier than trying to get them to stay in a bowl, balanced atop the kitchen scale!

  6. Oh those are great pictures but I am especially fond of the “hey gimme that camera” one because I can never get those – since I keep the camera on auto most of the time it freaks out when I try to take those (I really need to read the instructions – I was great with actual film but held of on digital for so long that I need to learn more about it). I love that the cards at the vet said liplids (although I do prefer the term eyelips) – they sound like fun vets in addition to good ones!

    And believe me you are not the only one to forget to take before pictures – that is why I don’t even have kitten pictures of my two oldest (to be fair it was when digital was young and still too annoying for me and film was a bit of a pain most of the time).

    I hope they are able to get at least two done today – I would think they could do Hoyt and someone else since Hoyt is going to need a little less work. And I am with you on the worrywort thing – that is just like me. And I agree, Sam looks ok but really what do you compare it to.

    We are sending out good thoughts and purrs and prayers for the kitties today!

  7. Oh, my little boo-boo nose (sorry, Sam… our secret endearment is out, so I’m gonna use it!) looks sooooo cute in his healing eyelips. I, too, think that eyelips is more elegant than liplids. Fingers crossed the vet gets to all your boys today, Robyn!

  8. LOVE the glare on Sam’s face..he’s all..come on lady, enough with the camera already. Bill needs more publicity shots for his catalogue spread, go take his picture 🙂

    Hope everything went well today at the vets with Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette!!

    Take care