9-1-09 – True Blood 6

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Someone asked in yesterday’s comments if Sam can close his eyes. He certainly can – in fact, we had a bit of a scare on Sunday when we walked in to give him his medicine, and his eyes were mostly glued shut by, I guess, post-surgery gunk (I noticed that his eyes were tearing a little on Saturday). We put some drops on the outside of his eyes, and soon enough he was able to open his eyes and he hasn’t had the problem since, thank goodness.

He’s not one of the kittens who couldn’t close his eyes completely before surgery. Terry and Bill are the ones with so much of an upper eyelid missing that when they close their eyes, you can still see their eyes. Sam’s eyelids weren’t nearly as bad as that, though with the pieces of eyelid missing, he had fur rubbing directly on his eyes every time he blinked. Now, his eyes are protected from that abrasion.

I’ll try to get some more pictures of him later today so you can see how well he’s doing. From a distance, I’ll say that he looks like he has completely normal eyes, it’s not until you get up close that you realize something’s different.

He had the last of his pain medication yesterday morning, and today he’s perfectly fine. When I went to let them out of their room, he came running right over with his tail sticking straight up in the air, let me squirt medicine down his throat, put ointment in his eyes, and then ran off to play.

Now, however, we’re going to talk about another of the True Blood 6, someone who doesn’t get his picture posted nearly often enough.

I speak, of course, of Lafayette.

Lafayette, being a black cat, is kind of difficult to photograph because he tends to show up as a dark mass in pictures. I can take his picture with the flash on, but his fur is so shiny that it reflects the light and looks terrible. Yesterday, as I was visiting the kittens (I visit them many times a day, as you can imagine), he flopped down in the sunlight, and I managed to get a few good shots of him.

“O crystal ball, when will I get my fancy new eyelips?” Soon enough, sweet boy, I promise.

Cheesecake pose.

Casually considering whether to chomp on Sookie’s foot.

Happy boy in the sun.

He is not only a good-looking boy, he’s super-sweet. He’ll come over and press up against my leg and wait for me to notice him, and then when I speak to him, he purrs and purrs. He likes to be held on his back like a baby, and when I give him a belly rub, he starts off cleaning his own paws, and finishes up by cleaning my fingers.

He’s all about the cleanliness, sweet boy.


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9-1-09 – True Blood 6 — 10 Comments

  1. Thank you for posting more pictures of sweet Lafayette. He is definitely my favorite from this group of kittens. I love little black kitties and his crossed eyes make him all the more endearing.

  2. Ah, thanks for the update on the eye-closing 8o). I’m so in love with this group of kittehs! Hubby says no more kittehs – hmph. Probably good for the state of my marriage that you live so far away hehe!

  3. I wish I lived close enough to take one when they go up for adoption! I fall in love with every batch you take in, but this group is particularly lethal!

  4. LOVE all the kitties, and I’m SO happy to hear Sam’s doing well. šŸ™‚

    I have the same problem taking pictures of my cat. Missy’s a very silky black cat, and almost every picture of her is SUPER shiny.

  5. Oh that is great that Sam is doing so well, and great that he is ok without the pain meds!

    And Lafayette is such a cutie! I can understand the problem with taking his picture – Floyd is black and Virgil is mostly black so it is often hard to get their pictures – and I always have to use a flash because our house is so dark (Kirzon is Black and white with enough white for the pictures to work out). He is a cutie though so it is nice for you to feature just him in these!

  6. What cuties they all are!
    Any news of when the other kitties will be big enough to get their fancy new eye-lips?

  7. Julia –

    Hoyt, Bill and Lafayette are slated to go to the vet tomorrow, and she’s basically going to operate on whoever she’s got time to do (hopefully at least one of them!). While I’m nervous at the idea of all three recovering at the same time, I’d also kind of like to get it done and over with, too!