Kara, Zoe, Kaylee – 9-1-08

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Kara seems to be getting more and more interested in the outdoors. She likes to sniff around the back door, and yesterday I had to push her back with my foot when she rushed the side door. If she ever gets to the point where she actually goes outside through the cat door, I’ll put a collar on her and let her hang out in the great outdoors. She seems leery of the cat door, though, so maybe she’ll remain inside. Despite having been allowed to come inside for the past year and a half, Newt still hasn’t gotten the hang of the cat door, so apparently it doesn’t come naturally to all cats.

(Maxi, on the other hand, goes in and out the cat door all the time.)

Zoe and Kaylee spend the majority of their time upstairs. I visit with them several times a day, and sometimes they come downstairs and look around (more Zoe than Kaylee), but they prefer to hang out on my bed.

When I go upstairs and they’re sleeping on my bed, I greet them and then lay down with them, and they look at me like I’m a great big interloper and WHY am I harassing them?

They don’t love me the way I love them, the little brats. They’ll tolerate my holding them for a few minutes at a time, but they don’t seek me out and ask to be petted.

Unless it’s Yummin’! Time!, of course. Yes, I’m still giving them morning and evening snacks consisting of a dab of chicken baby food and a dab of canned kitten food. They’re spoiled rotten and they LOVE ME when it’s Yummin’! Time! and I have a plate full of Yummin’!, but the rest of the time I’m just a great big slobbering goober who insists on PETTING them and KISSING them and wanting to snuggle them.

I know. I’m an unreasonable monster.

Kara disapproves.

Pretty Kaylee.

Pretty Zoe.

We should have named him “Teddy” instead of Tommy. He looks like a great big teddy bear.


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