Kara & babies – 8-29-08

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Zoe. The tucked-under paws make me want to pick her up and squeeze her. In the background, Kara’s in her favorite spot – watching the guy next door sit on the deck. Sometimes she growls at him.

This picture is cracking me UP.

Smilin’ Zoe.

Kaylee has got the cleanest, whitest fur I’ve ever seen on a kitten.

Zoe in the cat tree.


Mister Boogers hets Van Morrison.


Kara, sitting on the wall between the computer room and dining room. Stinkerbelle, under the table, shoots hate rays at her (for being the interloper) and at me for not giving her Snackin’! Time! when she wants it. Miz Poo, on the table (what? We never EAT there!) snoozes away in her favorite cat bed.


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