8-29-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

So, I took Rambo and Jodie to be spayed and neutered last Thursday. They did Rambo pretty early in the day, but I guess there was an emergency, and they couldn’t get Jodie done until some point in the evening, so they spent the night at the vet’s office.

Oh yeah, and I don’t think I ever mentioned the little bulge Rambo had on his tummy, but that was a hernia, and the vet fixed it when he was neutering Rambo. So Rambo had his belly shaved, too, and he and Jodie are awfully funny looking, laying around with their little shaved bellies.

They’ve been spayed and neutered, had their second vaccinations, and been treated with Advantage, but now that they’re ready to go, it appears that adoptions have slowed down drastically. There are tons of kittens at the pet store, and it doesn’t look like room’s going to open up too soon.

Am I unhappy about that? Not at alllllllll. Why, if room didn’t open up at the pet store for several months, I’d be FINE with that, believe you me. I expect they’re going to be around for at least a few more weeks, if not longer.

Jodie gives me the Look o’ Evil.

::Urrrrp!:: “Oh! ‘Scuse me!”

“We are snuggling. Go away.”

The Boog gives me a dirty look. Note the painful-looking scab on his nose. Poor Boogs.

Jodie takes a moment from perusing that magazine with my mother to see what I’m doing.

I don’t know whether it’s the flailing paws or the fangs, but this picture cracks me UP.

Rambo sleeps. When he sleeps, he sleeps HARD.

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