8-19-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

I weighed the kittens last night. Would you believe that Rambo gained THIRTEEN OUNCES over the past week? That puts both of them well over two pounds, which means they can be spayed and neutered. They’re still recovering from their upper respiratory infections, though, so I’m going to wait until they’ve recovered to call and make the appointment.

We decided last night that, as piggy as he is, “Wilbur” would be a good name for Rambo. Fred also thinks that “Worm” would be a good name, too. Which I have to agree with, ’cause Rambo DOES look like a Worm. A good name for Jodie would be Nellie, ’cause she’s a nervous nellie. She’s not skittish, exactly, but any unexpected loud noises will send her running for cover under a chair or the couch.

I’m uncertain how this happened. We left the room, and Mister Boogers was asleep in the bed, and Rambo was snoozing on the couch. We came back ten minutes later, and this is what we saw.

Rambo really likes Dog Blog.

No good can come of this.

What a pretty girl.

Jodie’s checking to see if anything’s going on at Catie‘s. I think she has a crush on Seamus.

See? She’s giggling.

More giggles.

Rambo steals a piece of popcorn. And yes, he ate the entire thing. No wonder he’s gained 13 ounces in the last week!

It’s tiring work, all this napping.

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