8-31-09 – True Blood Kittens.

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Why have you not been demanding Jake and Elwood updates, people? Do you not adore the Jake and the Elwood? Have you fallen out of love with their sassy ways?

Well, NOT THAT YOU ASKED, they’re doing just fine. They each have their own little personality. Jake’s a fighter prone to making the Mister Boogers face, and Elwood’s a lover who’ll purr his goofy little head off if you so much as glance in his direction.

We let them out of the guest room for good on Friday (until then, we’d been allowing them the run of the house during the day, then putting them in the guest room at night), and Elwood jumped up on me during the night several times. That was fine, as long as he jumped up on me and went to sleep or just quietly lay there, I had no problem with that. When he decided to attack my feet, though, that was when the can of air came out.

Jake and Elwood have developed a healthy respect for the can of compressed air.

The two following nights, I don’t know where they spent the night, but it wasn’t on me.

They are both such sweet monkeys, love to be picked up and petted and kissed. They’re both verrrrry interested in the foster kittens, and if it weren’t for the fact that the fosters will all be recovering from surgery at one point or another, I’d likely let the Blues boys in to play with them. As it is, I don’t quite dare, and so they have to be happy smacking at each others’ paws under the door.

We calls him… FANG!

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Sam continues to do well – I think his eyes are starting to feel sore to him now. He fights harder when we put ointment in his eyes, but he’s still playing a lot and racing around. He got his last dose of pain medication this morning, hopefully he won’t be in too much pain.

(And Doodle Bean: I don’t need to ration my worry for the other five kittens – trust me, I’ve got an endless supply. 🙂 Though I do worry less about Sam now that it’s been a few days, he’s healing well, and I can rest assured that his eyelips won’t pop off and go bouncing across the room or anything.)

This is how the kittens feel about Mondays.

(My favorite part of this picture: Bill in the background, slumped over with his foot in the air, looking very Bill the Cat.)


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2005: He just sat there and gave me this look like “I will never yawn for you again, so save it, woman.”, then started falling asleep while sitting up.



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  1. Mondays are rough for everyone, apparently!

    Robyn, it must be reassuring to know that Sam’s surgery went well, but I totally understand your worrywartedness!

  2. I agree with all the kittens about Mondays! That is great that Sam is doing well – and I am not surprised he is fighting a bit. Even if they aren’t feeling much worse I have noticed that some days Barney was very willing to put up with the “eye goo” but others he just would not have any of it – he seemed to go through phases that didn’t really relate to how his eyes seemed(lucky for us he is off the goo for now). And Floyd will get less cooperative with his medicine when he is feeling better (he feels better so he thinks he doesn’t need it). Sam may be feeling a bit crummy, but he could be feeling better, or even just going through an I don’t want the goo phase. Unfortunately they just don’t understand when you explain it (and really, don’t little kids do that, even if they sort of do understand) so sometimes they will fight you, and they can’t even tell you why. It is frustrating though, because you know it is for their own good but you also know they hate it.

  3. Funny, our Mommy feels the same way about Mondays! MOL

    The kittens look great, especially Sam. We’re so happy to hear he’s doing okay, even if the pain is getting him a little now.

    Eyelips – hahahahahahahaha! We love that.

    Purrs and hugs,
    The Kitty Krew

  4. Robyn, you crack me up! Eyelips bouncing across the room…
    I’m a worry wart, too, dear. I think it comes with the territory. Great Monday pics!

  5. I’m going through some health issues and I see these lil kitties getting goo in their eyes and surgery and still running around and playing…it makes me feel like a wuss for not dealing with things better. So when I feel whiney and crabby now, my husband says “WWSD?” for What Would Sam Do? and I say “Run around and bite someone’s butt!” or “Play with a toy right after getting ointment” *heh* Thanks for posting pictures of these inspiring kitties.