8-31-05 – Rambo & Jodie.

Miz Poo was sleeping on the bed, and Rambo just climbed on with her. She looked at him, and then went back to sleep. I suspect she’s getting used to the kittens.

They move around a lot in their sleep, these cats.

He woke up, and yawned.

I wanted him to yawn again, so I started making yawning noises at him (it works sometimes, believe it or not. Did you know that cats can “catch” your yawn?) He just sat there and gave me this look like “I will never yawn for you again, so save it, woman.”, then started falling asleep while sitting up.

But then Miz Poo caught the yawn.

And then he couldn’t help himself.

Jodie’s a good yawner.

She really looks like she’s laughing here.

This one makes me giggle.

A dirty look in the front, a yawn in the back.

Snugglin’ kittens.

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