8-30-09 – True Blood Kittens.

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Two days after surgery, our boy Sam is doing just fine. His incisions look a little rough as they heal, which I guess is to be expected, and I made Fred come examine both eyes because I’m a worrier. He thinks they look fine, Sam is doing okay – playing like no one’s business – and healing up.

He was a bit standoffish toward me for most of the day yesterday (maybe he remembers that I’m the one who took him to the vet!), but last night he climbed into my lap, purred, and suggested strongly that I rub his belly.

I did, of course. He knows I’m there to do his bidding!

I’m allowing him play time with his brothers and sister, as long as I’m there to keep an eye on him. Basically, I follow him around and stay within arms’ length in case I need to pull someone off him. So far, no one’s jumped on him, but he’s jumped on just about all of them! I’ll give it a few more days before I completely stop worrying (did I mention I am a total worrywart?), but I think Sam is going to be just fine.

Earlier today, my husband referred to Sam’s “eyelips”, and I laughed until I wheezed.


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8-30-09 – True Blood Kittens. — 16 Comments

  1. Well, my intention had been to comment on what a wonderful thing has happened, but now I’m completely distracted by “eyelips”! That’s hilarious!! Clever husband, yours.

  2. Oh robyn, i’m so glad that he is healing well. This looks so good, I hope he feels better when it is all done. πŸ™‚ xoxoxo

  3. Eyelips! What a hoot! Just watch… Eyelips will be the next hot trend in plastic surgery. πŸ˜‰

  4. Sam’s eyelips look just fine!! You may want to ration your worry for the next five kittens in the queue. Just sayin’…

  5. ROFL! I’m with Sue – I’ll be thinking about eyelips all night and laughing!
    OK… real comment… glad to see he’s doing better. And Robyn, if you didn’t worry, you wouldn’t be the caring person you clearly are!
    Hugs from B’more!

  6. Oh how wonderful to see this sweet little cat getting better, thank you for careing and shareing!

  7. Wow, his eyes actually look much better than I would have expected! Is he able to “blink” them yet, so that the top lid touches the bottom, or will that require more healing?

    I’ll be sending lots of good chi his way (btw, I’m the mother of Molly, the beautiful wonky-eyed calico 8o))

    oh, and “eyelips” – hee!

    Take care,

  8. Just come to you site recently. Am so happy about Sam’s eyelips. Hope the surgeries go well for the others. Am a catmom of Daisy and Tessa and worry about them all the time usually for no reason. So keep on worrying. It’s called love.

  9. That is great that he can play with the others now – he is probably very happy about that. And I am guessing that the others know somehow that they should take it a little easy with him, which is why they are not jumping on him (yet).

  10. Eyelips – Hee. I’m slow. I read eyelips a couple of times before it hit me. I do have an excuse – I helped my BFF move yesterday.

    Glad to see that Sam is doing great. I was worried, but of course, I checked your other website instead of this one over the weekend. Duh!

  11. Yay eyelips! I’m so glad he’s doing well. I’ll be keeping an eye (and maybe a lip) on the site to see how his sibs do. Big ups to the vet for doing such a nice neat job moving parts of his face around!
    These kittens are like those puzzles where you slide tiles around to form a complete picture…