1-18-17 Myrtle Beach Wednesday

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Three months after I was in Myrtle Beach (my parents have a time share there, and I usually join them for a few days each October), I’m finally getting around to posting some pictures I took while I was there. If you’re just here for the cat pics, there’s one way down at the bottom – but since it’s so cold in so much of the country (I won’t brag about the fact that it’s been in the 60s here for the past week or so), sit back and enjoy some sunrise and other random pictures, won’t you?

Waiting for the sun to come up.

Wait for it…

Tiny little peek…

A little more…

Here we go.

Hello, beautiful.

Waiting again (different day). The water’s a little more wild, just like I like it.

Same sun, different day.

I never get tired of watching the sun rise.

I took 100+ pictures of the sunrises and managed to cull them down to my favorite 12. You’re welcome!

We drove down to Charleston (through Charleston) to visit Kiawah Island. I love this boardwalk.

And this beach.

The hard-packed sand makes walking on this beach super easy.

We walked longer than we meant to.

On the way back, we stopped for lunch at Tomato Shed Cafe, and I admired the use of a basket for a lampshade.

Big ol’ scary fish in the lake at Barefoot Landing.

I don’t care if pigeons are nuisance scavengers, they still need to eat (and this one was pretty).

I looked over and pointed to this alligator and said to my mother “Is that real?” “Yes,” she said. She’s seen alligators before in her life; I have not.

“Are you sure?” I said doubtfully. “It doesn’t look real.”

Then it turned its head and looked at me. Yep. It was real! (We were on the boardwalk, and the alligator couldn’t get to us.)

Then another one came stomping out from under the boardwalk.

It didn’t look too impressed by us.

A shot from the plane.

And another (I love fluffy clouds).


Videos! One time-lapse sunrise, one slower sunrise complete with the sound of the ocean.


YouTube link

Video with sound:

YouTube link


Maxi seems pleased to have company, doesn’t she?


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1-18-17 Myrtle Beach Wednesday — 31 Comments

  1. What a wonderful, inspiriting post, even if Maxi would beg to differ — thanks, Robyn. (Also, how great is that 2007 teaser!)

  2. So it is early and without having my contacts in yet, I was mighty impressed (and confused) that you had “hand” packed sand! Loved the video with sound and glad you enjoyed your trip.

  3. Those pictures are fabulous, thanks for sharing! I love sunrises as well.

    How spoiled is Miss Maxi??! Not that she doesn’t deserve it. Her own little house (heated, right?), a couple beds in there, and no kittens in sight! LOL.

    • She’s spoiled rotten – her own heated house on the porch, and if that doesn’t strike her fancy, she’s got a house under the side stoop. And of course, if she wants some privacy, she’s got the ENTIRE garage to herself. In my next life, I want to come back as Maxi. 😀

  4. Okay, a caption for the one where the alligator turned and looked at you: “What, Lady? What you want?”

    • That’s why I’m a sunset girl. Of course I live on the sunset coast of Lake Michigan. 🙂

      Only time I want to see sunrise is if I’m getting off of work.

  5. I need to tell my friends at the Myrtle Beach Chamber to put you on retainer! 😉

    And how have you never seen a real alligator before?? I know you are in northern Alabama, but they are all over South Carolina, especially the coastal areas (shhhh…don’t tell the tourists!). 😀

    • I’ve seen them from a distance, but never that close! It looked like it was made of hard plastic or even carved from stone. When it turned its head and looked at me, I about levitated three feet. 😀

  6. You were posting about alligators, but what I noticed was the turtle! I loves me some turtles. Alligators – not so much.

    What I really noticed was how beautiful all your pictures are. I know you are a fabulous photographer of felines, but it seems that you are a fabulous photographer of whatever you choose to photograph.

    • The tide was coming in, and I was so worried that a rogue wave would take out my phone (which was on a small tripod). Luckily the water came close, but never actually drenched my phone!

      • the time lapse was cool in that it looked like the water was coming in, but I could never figure out when it went back, so it was advancing and advancing but not getting anywhere.

  7. You would really love taking sunrise shots on Kauai. True, all ocean sunrise shots look pretty much the same, but it’s still a wonderful thing to do.

    • I was in Waikiki several years ago (well, now that I double-check, it was twelve years ago!), and though I never got a picture of the sunrise (couldn’t drag my butt out of bed for it), I took a ton of pictures. I would LOVE to go back one day.

  8. I love looking at your sunrise shots. I’ve lived on the West Coast almost my whole life and love watching the sun set and the difference in the sun rising in your photos/videos.

  9. Can we make this post a favorite so we don’t have to search for it on the gloomy days that are sure to continue throughout the next few months here on the east? I love me some kittens, but I LURVE sunrises and oceans and pretty much all nature type things!

    • No, 100 to 12! Well, actually it was 145 to 12. Which isn’t to say that I haven’t culled 1,000 pictures down to 10 or 20, but don’t be TOO impressed by this. 😀

  10. omg robyn…. if you wanna have an EXPERIENCE just go down the pinterest “basket lamp” hole…. see ya in twenty years…. 😀

  11. Joe bob was originally moonman? Forgot or didn’t realize this, and yeah, how’s that “no, we’re not adopting him” going?