1-18-16 Monday

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I posted about this on the Love & Hisses Facebook page on Friday, but wanted to mention it here, too: please keep True Blood Bill in your thoughts. He had to have emergency surgery for a blockage; they performed a cystotomy and Perineal Urethrostomy (PU). Bill came through surgery okay, and spent the weekend at the emergency clinic, where they could monitor him. There are updates and pictures at George and Red’s Instagram page (and if you go back a few pictures, there’s the sweetest picture of Red and Bill snuggling).

So, good thoughts and prayers and purrs are very much appreciated!


On Saturday, this finally happened:

(And I say “finally”, but it had really only been a week and a half since she got to Petsmart!)

Also on Saturday, Twig – who was the foster sister to the BeeBees, and a dead ringer for Catelyn – was adopted. This left Combo alone, but reports are that he was doing fine. There’s been some interest in Combo, so hopefully he’ll go home soon.

Speaking of Catelyn, there was also an update on that sweet girl, on the Challenger’s House Facebook page. She’s been renamed Remington, and she is clearly very much loved!

AND there was an update on Pink, who is now Tribble (they love her, of course. How could they not?).

Last, but certainly not least, True Blood Terry was on Cute Overload on Saturday!


“Well, well, well,” says Stefani. “FINALLY my tank arrived!”

She checked it over for defects.

“Ah, yes,” she said. “This suits me perfectly.”

She tucked her ears back and sank slowly down into her tank.

It was a tight fit, but she made it!

Apparently Shelton was already in there. I don’t know how they both fit in there, but they did – and he was able to get around her and pop out!

Shelton doesn’t think he’s cut out to be a tank driver kitty. He wants to be in the middle of the action, not protected by a tank!

“Outta my way, and outta my tank!” commanded Stefani.

I wish I’d gotten more of the tank in this picture. This could totally be a recruitment poster!

“COME ON IN and join the Army! Drive tanks, bunny kick your siblings, see the world!”

Susan passed that tank along to me – it’s from the SUCK UK series of cat playhouses. I can say that it’s very well made and sturdy, but it’s pretty small, so I don’t imagine a fully grown cat could even get in there (I honestly am not sure how Stefani and Shelton managed to get into it at the same time). There’s only one opening – in the top – and I’m thinking about making an entrance in the back of the tank to make it easier for them to get into it. They didn’t show much interest in it past the first half hour or so, but if they could sit in it and slap at other kittens as they run by, they might like it more.

This is probably picky on my part, but I think it’s silly that a playhouse made for cats has a picture of a human woman in a bikini on the side.

Shelton, picking a fight with Stefan as Levine looks on in horror.

Sleepy monkeys.

And sleepy monkeys with Stefan in the background. I think they were sound asleep when he went upstairs and climbed into that bed, and when they realized he was there, they were a tiny bit freaked out. Silly kittens.


Video! It’s worth watching just for the part at the beginning where King Nubbs POPS straight up into the air. That boy cracks me up.

YouTube link.


Newt does not seem pleased to have me taking his picture, does he?


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1-18-16 Monday — 30 Comments

  1. I love the previous year entries that say “We’re definitely not adopting (enter permanent resident’s name here)”. They always crack me up. 🙂

  2. The picture of Newt made me giggle a bit – he kind of looks like he’s sitting in a pie dish 😀

    • Someone said recently that those bed/scratchers look like pie plates, and now every time I see a kitten in one or a permanent resident, I announce that the Newt (or whoever’s in it) Pie is ready. 🙂

  3. The tank photo series CRACKED ME UP! I loved the title: “Well, well, well,” says Stefani. “FINALLY my tank arrived!”

    Sending Bill tons of love. I pray that the surgery works and that he will not be prone to UTIs after the surgery! Big hugs!

    I am surprised it took a week and a half for Adele to be adopted. However, God probably made her invisible until “her people” came to PS! Yay for Pink. I will have to check out the FB updates on her and Catelyn. I am guessing that Catelyn’s parents like the show “The Black List”. 🙂 All I have to say is that they had better treat her like a princess or I will have to rough them up. No one is gonna be cruel to her again. I would not be able to bear it!

    As for the bikini clad woman on the side of the tank…I guess they were trying to make it look “officially military”. Now it would have been funny if it were a picture of a bikini clad kitten, instead! 🙂

    Newt is concerned that his pose makes him look fat and about his image to his fans – especially if you go around posting all these unapproved pictures on the internet! Be careful, revenge is sweet served cold. One day you will be taking a shower…and clickity-clickity click. He is gonna post those pics of YOU on his FB account. Just say’n.

  4. Fantastic adoption news and photos and captions (as usual!). Bill has been in our hearts for years now — may his recovery be swift and sure.

  5. At first, I thought the “Well, well, well…” photo was going to be my favourite in the tank series… but then I happened upon “She tucked her ears back and sank slowly down into her tank.” THAT picture cracked me up so much, it’s just so fantastic.

    Uh… Levine looks broken in that first napping picture! (and Stefani looks like SHE DID IT!) And I love Stefan, completely passed out in that bed, in the last photo where Levine sleepily looks at you.

    Newt’s ‘unglamorous’ photo is super cute and makes me want to cuddle him extra hard!

    And lastly, I love King Nubb’s nub!

    • Levine looks broken in that first napping picture! (and Stefani looks like SHE DID IT!) – I had thought the same thing about Levine looking broken. I did not notice Stefani. It is even more funny now. Maybe he was threatening to take over her tank?????

  6. Yay Adelle. I saw that this weekend and was so happy. Such a pretty girl. I second GD’s comments about Catelyn’s new family. I saw that pic of what I thought was a nekkid woman on the tank and thought, well huh. If it had been a kitten with black bars in the right spots I would have laughed my considerable butt off. How crazy funny would that have been? Of course, with the wonders of photo shop, an enterprising hoomin could maybe alter the tank artwork a tiny little bit. Hmmmmm?

  7. Poor Bill!! 🙁 I just heard and read the updates on Instagram. Many good healing thoughts to Bill from us and Brother Terry.

  8. Keeping Bill in my prayers! How do these blockages happen?

    Lovely pics and my favorite is also the one where Stefani tucks her ears back. That girl is in command! Thank you for cheering up this Monday with those sweet monkeys!

  9. Poor BillCat! I adore that whole litter so to hear one of them is ill makes me cry. I hope it stops being a booger and eats soon. His poor humans must be worried sick. Sending all the good vibes I have his way!

  10. Love the tank series of pics! Stefani is just the funniest thing.
    I feel bad for Newt. He’s all just taking an innocent bath and y’all come over and snap kitter-azzi pics of him. He’s gonna get his lawyer’s and sue you if you are not careful. HAHA!

  11. Newt says “this is not my good side”

    I agree with you on the tank and the lady.. I thought the same thing

    I also like how King Nubbs puts it in reverse as well.

  12. That tank is awesome! But yeah, they should have gotten the rights to that cat in the 8 cup pink bikini and put that there! (found it! http://www.damnfunnypictures.com/funny-animals/4841/cats-in-bikinis/ )

    Stefan looks so tiny in the pink bed! It’s definitely big enough! So glad you got it!! Room for a kitten or two to jump in and keep him warm, right?

    Oh my gosh, you can really see King Nubbs nub in that video! It’s so tiny! Poor fella, though it doesn’t seem to slow him down any, does it?

    Newt is telling you that he needs the next size up kitty pie dish!

    • I kept waiting for a kitten to climb in there with him, but I guess it’s too soon yet. That bed is so big and plush and comfy that I think I need one that’s human-sized! 🙂

  13. Is it a really good idea to arm the fosters? You think that they were demanding get before… I wonder if the bikini pic is for opsomeone’s grandfather or relative who had a pin up on the side of their tank/plane/ship/whatever.

    I thought that white diamond looked familiar! Boy, he is the epitome of smug.

    Fingers crossed for sweet Bill.

    • thankfully I had mental bleach to remove those memories.

      Boy, that was painful. I remember cringing on behalf of Rodney Mcdowell though.