1-19-16 Tuesday

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When Uncle Stefan came visiting…

Stefan saw that there was sun, and it was warm.

So he flopped down in the sun, and the kittens were all “?”

They circled him warily.

Shelton got a good sniff of his head.

Stefan ate some of their food while King Nubbs (aka Pharrell) was all “THAT’S NOT YER FOOD, MISTER!”

Then Stefan wandered off, while Levine and Stefani floofed in unison.

Later, Uncle Archie came to visit.


Levine and Stefani glared at Archie, who ignored them.

Stefani, floofed, sniffed every inch of the hallway that Archie’s feet had touched.

Levine glared at Archie, who couldn’t be bothered.

Levine circled to the other side of Archie, and threw me this baleful “?!” look.

Levine got a little closer…

Archie blew Levine’s ears right off his head with a Look.

Then Archie looked away, while Levine gave me this “DID YOU SEE THAT?!” look.

Eventually Archie got bored and wandered back downstairs.


Video! Levine, Shelton and Stefani get their daily massage. (King Nubbs usually gets one, too, but I think he was off following Stefan around.)

YouTube link.


Maxi, during one of her recent outdoors times. She’s been spending a LOT of time in the garage lately, because it’s gotten cold out. I went to check on her yesterday (it barely hit 30ºF yesterday, and I know that many of you are all “::mock::mock::mock:: It was 750 below zero here yesterday, and I thought about putting on a sweater, but I wasn’t THAT cold because I’m not a wimp ::mock::mock::mock::”, but reminder: I live in Alabama. I didn’t move here because I was hoping for a cold winter. So hush, you.) and she was rolling around in the sun looking just as happy as could be. I’d like to see her spend more time in the house with us, but the idea that other cats exist continues to infuriate her, so aside from the occasional visit inside and a short nap on Fred’s desk, she would prefer to be in the garage by herself.


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1-19-16 Tuesday — 12 Comments

  1. Don’t worry, Robyn, we are whining here in Florida because today’s high is reported to be only 57. We had a freeze last night!!! GAH! However, in the summertime….well, I would take a day or two of 57! 😉

    Those kittens sure like their massages. Levine is crazy cute in his baleful look picture!

  2. My hubby watched the massage video with me, and was inspired to try (key word: TRY) to massage our 10 year old princess house panther. Hubby wanted to see if Luckycat would put her legs straight up in the air the way Shelton did. She was more like, “wat you doing to me, fud man? I liek it right side down!”

  3. The picture with Archie and Levine with Levine’s ears “blown off” started my day with a good laugh. Too funny and cute!

  4. Love love love Levine’s little face! He is just so cute.

    And I have never seen anyone massage cats the way Fred does, but they sure seem to love it.

  5. Archie blew Levine’s ears right off his head with a Look – MMD! that is awesome

    I do a similar massage, but I call it hypnotizing kittens.

    30 degrees.. you poor thing

  6. I love how Shelton’s legs stick straight up during his massage!

    And I miss living somewhere where 30 degrees is considered extreme cold….