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Oh, you guys. I know, I know you want us to keep the three remaining Bookworms here, believe me I know it. But it’s not going to happen because we’re at our limit. If it was just a matter of keeping one of them, that would be one thing, but all three? No, we really can’t.

I especially want Rhyme to find a forever home, because he’s such a sweet, friendly boy who loves people, and I’m afraid that he doesn’t get enough attention. That is, I’d like to see him in a home with perhaps a FEW less cats vying for the attention of the humans. Reacher and Corbie are also sweet and friendly, but perhaps not quite as 24-hours-a-day-snuggly as Rhyme is.

I came to the realization that it’s not so much strange people that Reacher has a problem with as it is strange situations. Once he had a few minutes with the strangers on Sunday, he did relax, and he liked being petted and held. I think that being at the adoption center, with strange people coming and going all the time, is not something he could handle. Or maybe he could handle it, given enough time, but I know that he’d been at the adoption center for at least a few days when the day came that Lisa was doing adoptions and held him for a long time, and he shook and hid his head the entire time.

I actually think that Corbie will be okay at the adoption center, because he’s the kind of cat who takes his cues from the cats around him. Rhyme was perfectly fine for the time he was at the adoption center with Buster, and it was only because we were out running errands and I wanted to stop by and see them that we ended up bringing them home. (Fred can’t stand to see cats in cages, especially the ones we foster. Which is why he’s never the one to take them to Petsmart!)

So when room opens up at Petsmart, I’m going to give Corbie and Rhyme a chance. Maybe someone will come along who’ll fall in love with them, and maybe no one will. I’m not planning to leave them there forever, you know, I just want to give it a try for a while, in hopes that the perfect person will come along and fall in love with them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I dropped the Bradys off at Petsmart yesterday morning, early. I don’t know that they could have been less scared or worried. There were a few tentative meows on the way, but no terrified howling. When we got into the cat room, I let them out to run around, and they explored the cat room, sniffed at the other cats, ran around some more, climbed the scratching post, drank some water, ate a little food, and ran around even more. When I was done getting their cages ready, they were all in one cage already, checking it out. I put Cindy and Jan in a small cage together (since they’re the two smallest), left the other four in the big cage, and shut the doors.

They just kept on playing, barely even noticed me when I left.

I went back by Petsmart two hours later and peeked around the corner at them, and they were perfectly fine. Not scared in the slightest, just hanging out, doing their thing. Cindy was very interested in watching people walk by, and Marcia was stretched across the big cage, grabbing the legs of her brothers as they went by. I really like it when kittens react so well to being at the adoption center -but jeez, Bradys. You could miss me a LITTLE, you know!

(PS: Marcia and Cindy were adopted last night! Not together, but that’s okay – I have a feeling those two will be just fine!)

There seems to be some sort of theme in the pictures I’m posting today, but I can’t quite put my finger on what it is…

Good lord, if Jan developed the muscle control to flap those things, she could circle the Earth in no time flat.

“Waiter! There appears to be a kitten in my bed!”

Cindy: ::weak with laughter::
Greg: “I don’t get it.”
Bobby: ::looking to the heavens for help:: “Okay, Bobby, tell it ONE MORE TIME, maybe Greg will get it THIS time.”

“::giggle:: Okay, okay. ::giggle:: What’s br- (hehehe) what’s brown and sticky?”

“A STICK!” ::gigglesnort::
Greg (offscreen): “I… No, I still don’t get it.”

“He never was the brightest bulb.”

“Hey, quit! That tickles! I’m still trying to figure out what a “stick” is…”

“The basket is mine! THE BASKET IS MINE! Mine, mine, mine, and no one else can have it, ’cause I’m the best joke-teller EVER!”

“And the bed is too soft, and sometimes Marcia makes me share it with her, and it’s purple and I don’t like purple and I don’t know why you treat me so horribly, I don’t require much, I’m just a poor sweet bebbeh, and ALL I WANT IS WHAT I WANT.”

“That’s all I want, to be treated decently, DO YOU HEAR ME?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

“If ONE more kitten comes and tries to convince me that that joke is funny, I WILL BEGIN THE SMACKIN’ AND IT WON’T BE PRETTY.”

“All y’all, hush UP! Loony Jake needs his sleep!”


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    • They’re not as well-organized as I’d like. When I clear them off the memory card, I keep them in a folder on my hard drive. Then when I’m ready to share them on the blog, I name them by date (which I only started doing in the last couple of years – I wish I’d thought of that long before, I have a million pictures named something like DSC01589), then they get moved over to an external drive, where they’re separated in folders named by foster litters or by cats (or dogs or chickens or whatever).

      A lot of my life is spent scrolling through folders looking for a particular picture. 🙂

  1. I’m also impressed by your photos, Robyn, and also by how well you know your cats! I’m very glad to hear the Bradys are doing so well – it’s a testament to how well you raised them up.

    Keep up the good work and keep the great photoessays coming, please! Thanks for everything you do!

  2. Reacher sounds a lot like my Molly — drama queen, doesn’t love strangers, hates new situations. She gets the leather gloves at the vet!! But with us, she’s the sweetest, cuddliest thing who follows us around from room to room. She has a limit for affections, but that makes her amusing, especially when she gets mad at you for petting her, runs off, then comes back in 3 minutes for more!
    I hope he finds a forever home!

    Also, I love reading your blog every day. The plethora of pictures & their captions always cheers me up!

  3. Theme? What theme?!
    Glad to hear about the babies; they always get adopted more easily, don’t they?

  4. Yay for Marcia and Cindy! I’m not surprised that they got snatched up, but holy cow that was quick! I bet the other four go equally quickly, and then it’s Alice and the remaining Bookworms’ turns!

    Speaking of Bookworm-kitties, *snatches up Rime and Corbie and runs away* Mwa ha ha! Would that I could. Distance and a no cats in the building policy, drat. It was fun to imagine supersnuggly Rime, easygoing Corbie and my big mellow lab as best friends for a second though. Awww. 🙂

  5. Uh, oh dear. Why the heck did I say ‘Rime’, not ‘Rhyme’? You know what I meant. It’s cold enough here (Wisconsin) that I have frost-rimed buildings on the brain. 🙂

  6. You know Robyn, while you are doing excellent work in Crooked Acres land, with that knack you have for captioning photos there must be companies around the world that would pay big bucks to have your witty self on staff! Some animation/photo desktop corporation? Or do they only exist in my head? Shame…

  7. Loved the photos with the captions…hilarious!! Good luck to all your fosters that they find good forever homes and soon.