1-1-09 – Marion and Claudette (and an update on Delmar and Lem)

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The news on Lem and Delmar: Delmar got adopted on Saturday! Lem still hasn’t been adopted, though. Wah!

Tomorrow, Marion and Claudette go to the pet store, hopefully to be adopted quickly (not that I expect it, but a foster momma can hope!).

2009-01-19 (13)
I think Marion’s got some very, very pretty markings.

2009-01-19 (14)

2009-01-19 (15)

2009-01-19 (16)
Claudette is so gorgeous, isn’t she?

From the terrified, practically-feral kittens they were to the kittens who actually seek out human interaction they are now, they’ve changed a lot. They’re still skittish, and if you walk toward them they’ll run off and hide (especially Marion), but once things are settled, they’ll come and ask for petting.

Last night as I watched TV, with Miz Poo on my lap, Claudette settled down next to me and stayed there for a long time. I honestly never thought we’d get to that point back when we first got them.

2009-01-19 (17)

2009-01-19 (18)

Like their brothers, Marion and Claudette really, REALLY like the big cats. Especially Tommy, who we call our Ambassador of Good Will.

2009-01-19 (19)

2009-01-19 (20)

Keep your fingers crossed that someone walks by the cat cages at the pet store and can see past their scaredy-cat exteriors to the lovable little sweeties they really are.


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1-1-09 – Marion and Claudette (and an update on Delmar and Lem) — 3 Comments

  1. MEG, I know! And Lem is such a sweet guy, I can’t believe someone hasn’t snatched him up already! I’m going to have a stern talk with him tomorrow when I drop off the girls. He needs to do a little showing off so everyone can see what a sweet boy he is.