1-14-09 – Marion & Claudette

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These past few days, Claudette has been really coming out of her shell. I wish I’d had the camera in the living room with me last night. Claudette wandered in as we were watching TV, and let Fred coax her up onto the couch with him. He petted her for a few minutes, ’til she reached her petting threshhold and started kicking and biting his hand. Then she spotted Tommy in the cat bed on the end of the couch and she flirted with him for a few minutes before she climbed right into the bed with him. He groomed her and she groomed him back, and then she kicked and bit at him a little bit. She settled down for a few minutes and he was hugging her like she was a teddy bear, and I just about died from the cute.

Remember when she was like this all the time and we thought we’d never get her to come to us for petting?

2008-10-11 (4)

She still runs if you walk toward her, and she doesn’t like to be picked up at ALL, but when it’s on her terms, she loves to be petted, and she’ll even climb on you for some love. She’s such a sweet thing.

2009-01-14 (1)
Marion in the sun.

2009-01-14 (5)
Sun bath.

2009-01-14 (4)

2009-01-14 (3)

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